Hammer Radioactive Vibe | Release Video

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The Radioactive Vibe is the brightest and boldest Vibe ever to hit the

The new Vibe is a bright and shiny neon yellow that looks like it
glows and will stand out on the lanes like no other Vibe. The Radioactive
Vibe will also stand out for how it performs thanks to the addition of HK22 to the CT Reactive Max solid coverstock!

The Radioactive Vibe is available starting 07.13.2023!

#HammerBowling #RadioactiveVibe #NothingHitsLikeAHammer

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21 Comments on “Hammer Radioactive Vibe | Release Video”

  1. A Vibe with HK22?!?! I’ve already got my “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” (2.0 Hybrid). This may be my “Side Piece”…

    1. ​@TSO assuming he meant he wanted a rev test to compare it to his current revs to see if it will work naturally for him

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling ball hammer radioactive vibe with carbon fiber technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  3. Oooh this just might be my next choice
    Using Hammer Taboo an Purple Hammer Urethane (when required)
    Now to check the specs haha

  4. I still had six to eight bowling balls in my truck. I figured out they just try to suck up your bank account by putting new name, change core, cover stock, drilling pattern , changing oil patterns etc…But it still need my hand or hands to get a strike. I don’t play game no more.

  5. So, this is the first ball with HK22 on a solid cover? I may have to have this just for this reason. Just take my money. This and the Dark Web hybrid.

  6. I could swing my vibe and it whips the pins like crazy. Lots of stone 8s. More backend out of a solid? More controllable ball motion in the solid? Scores are gonna be insane with this one.

  7. That’ll hurt your eyes going down the lane 🤣. Sick it’s got the new cover though 👀

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