1. I’m stuck on these two. but not because of me; instead, for my kids! My daughter would fit wonderfully into the Radioactive Vibe, as she would be coming from a Web Pearl, but it’s a tradeoff; she’d be stepping down from a UMP ball to a MP ball, but up from a pearl to a solid. So I need to weigh that.

    For the Dark Web Hybrid, my son is currently in a Dark Web, so shapes and reactions would be similar, but I’m wondering how this would compare to the Envy Tour. I’m thinking the Envy Tour would be on par with the Dark Web, but with a bit more control and even arc, while the Dark Web Hybrid would be a slight step down, but gives more pop during the transition when the Envy Tour would pick up too early. That may make for a great 1-2. Decisions…

  2. I will absolutely be picking up that Radioactive Vibe. Should be the perfect house shot ball. Finally something that isn’t overkill for house, that isn’t the standard 2.55/0.30 mid performance ball.

    1. yeah last year every house near me had flooded oil lanes everyone was using aggressive balls. Starting in January it was like all of the bowling centers around me agreed to put the minimum oil legally available and nothing I have works anymore. I just ordered the stealth pearl I’m worried that will still be too much ball. I was planning on getting the ocean vibe for my break down ball anyway but I love the radioactive color better will hopefully have the radiactive in my possession soon.

  3. Cool tech bowling bowling ball hammer radioactive vibe with carbon fiber technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time and hammer dark web bowling ball with dot technology drill anywhere technology and carbon fiber technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  4. New Vibe to replace the Orange in my arsenal.

    More excited for the HK-22 DynamiCore Cuda Pearl over all others.

    1. Ive heard zero bad things about the cuda solid and nothing but good things. HK22 pearl is going to be a monster

    2. @BassRacerx Have a Cuda solid. Have nothing bad to say about it. Use it primarily on sport and tournaments, but the few times I’ve done so in league, it’s been all killer no filler.

  5. How can they call the heavier weighted balls the same model as the lower weighted balls when the cores look totally different?

    1. cover is more important than core and they have to save weight somehow. There are a few balls that have the same core in the 12 pound as the 14+ pound balls the defender hybrid and the Radical bigfoot are two of them.

    2. @BassRacerx. If you mean cover stock I get that the cover is kind of more important but they could just make the core a little less dense. When Columbia “remade” the Power Torq and I saw the core I was like that is totally not what the core of the original Power Torq looked like. I was kinda disappointed in that one.

  6. It’s like my natural inclination is to want to crap on the way that the Vibe looks like, but I actually like it…just took a min. I’m getting that Web as my benchmark. Was going to get The Chill, but the hybrid has me sold because I disproportionately bowl on house

  7. I would actually go pin down on the dark web, but then again I’m a fan of pin down layouts on smoother balls.

  8. The Vibe Abides. I want the radioactive to be added to my christmas list but I’m worried it will also sell out before then. I Like the Radioactive vibe so much I actually want two of them!

  9. BEANS!!! You are throwing it down!!! I think they both have shelf appeal…for different reasons…loud and fast..brooding and slick.

    I’d actually throw my pet layout—5x3x4–on each…Vibe pin down…Dark Web pin up.

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