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  1. Hold on a second Tamer…………….HEY HUN………I know what I want for Christmas from Santa, put the Purple Hammer on the “list”!!! Oh yeah I’m old school and basically started my league career back in the mid 80’s with urethane. So I’m in love with this bad boy! Well done sir.

  2. Yeah I get the same thing with mine, is one of the things I like about it, as a right handed “cranker” I get to move about 3 boards right each game with it as opposed to having to move so deep left and end up lofting like I do with Reactive … it’s a different type of thing that you do get used to … good shape game one and into game two … then by game three you get to play kind of straight down and in, which as most know, down and in that 10 board scores really well on a house … but do note … if you havent switched pairs yet, by game 5 on the same lane, your shot is pretty much dead … but after game 3 I like to switch to my Venom Shock … I can go back to where I was with the purple hammer on Game 1 and rip it … throw the Venom Shock right into the friction and let me own Carry Down blend on the reaction.

    1. A lot of bowlers get frustrated by the “urethane” carrydown, which is really low flare carrydown but at the end of the day you just have to understand what to do to combat it. I like that you worked out a method that works. I’m sure competitors get annoyed but oh well.

    2. @TamerBowling I usually score well with Urethane, but I don’t throw it all that much anymore because I don’t really bowl super competitively or for money and I’ve found throwing urethane all the time is really boring to put it simply.

    1. Might wanna put it on a spinner, 180 up to 1000. Urethane balls don’t die, they just need surface to do what they do

  3. Drilling it full roller as a 2 hander surprised me on how much it can hook. It became more of a reactive ball motion due to how much earlier it digged in due to the layout and I had no deflection.

  4. Ur two handed style your massively getting on the side of the ball on release which accounts for you having to move so deep with your reactive reviews. I mean I know you of all people know this but you may wanna practice keeping your hand behind the ball for a more controlled reaction to control the pocket when bowling with a lot of revs. That’s my own experience.

    1. This is true but the whole 2-hand thing for me is a massive learning experience. Getting other mechanics down has been my priority but I had to pause it for several months due to other issues. Once I get the technique down I’ll definitely start to think more actively about release adjustments. But it’s definitely a good point in general.

  5. Great review Tamer. The commentary is so educational, and really makes all the difference. I watch all your videos for that reason alone. Thanks!

  6. Looking very forward to the comparison between the Purple Hammer and Purple Tank, UC3, Fast Pitch and a Hot Cell if you still have one.
    I have one original Hammer Purple Hammer and two Brunswick Purple Hammers.
    The Brunswick balls are much earlier and stronger than the original which is cleaner with more backend.

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