Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl vs Roto Grip RST X2 | Battle Of The Asymmetrical Pearls!

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This video was requested so much that I absolutely had t make it happen! The Hammer obsession tour pearl and the roto grip rat x2 are easily two of my favorites right now!

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18 Comments on “Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl vs Roto Grip RST X2 | Battle Of The Asymmetrical Pearls!”

  1. Me being completely honest with you.. I used to hate watching your channel when you were just with motiv, and somehow you’ve turned into one of my favorite reviewers out there. Your forms gotten better, vid quality, and good content. Thanks for not giving up bro 💪🏾 You and Luke know where it’s at!

  2. Please review some of the motiv products vs some of the newer stuff you’re reviewing such as the proton physix vs the jackal ghost. I purchased a jackal ghost a while ago for the sole reason of watching your videos.

  3. First, I’m old school. This reminds me of the Ebonite Turbo/X vs. Brunswick Gold Rhino Pro!

    Second, I agree that these are completely different. The low RG and a Diff on the Obsession Tour Pearl screams control while the RSTX 2 is completely angular. And that’s a special thing that you could have a control ball being a pearl when most of the time a control ball is a solid or hybrid.

    What I’d love to see would be another comparison video between the RSTX 2 and the newly announced Black Widow Ghost Pearl when it comes out. I’d love to see the shape they’d have between each other.

  4. Hey luis ive been subscribed for about 3 months. Great content bud. Your very relatable and seem to be pretty honest about equipment. Keep grinding.

  5. I wonder how the RST X2 compares to the flash. With motiv having a big hole in the angular heavy/med-heavy I am curious if there is something that would theoretically fit in that category

  6. Hi Luis — Where does the Melee Midnight Blue fit with these two balls? In between or totally different shape?

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