Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Absolute Must Have!

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This Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl absolutely blew my mind with just how versatile it is! This is an absolute must have in the bag! Easily one of the best balls I have ever thrown!

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19 Comments on “Hammer Obsession Tour Pearl Ball Review By Luis Napoles | Absolute Must Have!”

  1. What up. Can you do a ball review for medium to dry lanes, like the hustle’s, IQ, Raw Hammers. Lane breakdown is one of my weakness in adjustments. Thanks

  2. The more this ball is thrown, the more I really really want it in my bag. The Black Widow Gold was my go-to pearl asymmetric and I could play with that ball all day and night, this looks like yet another gold ball I ABSOLUTELY need!

  3. I know you like the 900 Global brand so take a look at the Honey Badger Intensity and Revival… those are the same idea as the Obsessions

  4. Ball looks great. I love pearls. Unfortunately, it looks like a nasty yellow snot ball rolling down the lanes, hahaha 🙂

  5. Got mine before they were publicly released.

    This ball is often 1st or 2nd out of my bag. I can easily use it, even late in blocks (which is unusually for asym pearls). It has such a great shape down lane and is exactly as continuous as you preach in this video.

    100% should be in everyone’s bag that isn’t bound to a brand.

    Edit: Luis, sir, how was yours drilled?

  6. Interesting comparison. I was wondering why MOTIV hasn’t expanded on using the APG core like they did with the Gear core.

  7. Absolutely love seeing the different brands!! Amazing videos! I’d love to see you throw a DV8 ball like the new hell raiser blaze 😁

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