Hammer Obsession Tour Ball Review By Luis Napoles

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This is my ball review for the Hammer Obsession Tour. If you're looking for a bowling ball that is all about control then look no further than than this asymmetrical Hammer Obsession Tour!

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8 Comments on “Hammer Obsession Tour Ball Review By Luis Napoles”

  1. Told you it was predictable as hell. I took my surface up and will try it out tonight. Way too much friction at one house. Not enough at another…

  2. Hi Lou! Great video again! Love how smooth the Obsession Tour is. I recently won a Hammer Scorpion ball on a BowlersMart contest. Just wanted to see if you can do a review on it. Continued success with your channel

  3. Blowing racks with another hammer ball, no surprise there. You match up really well with the recent hammer releases. If I were going to buy another ball, this one would be heavily considered.

  4. Luis you need to sign with Hammer the last 3 you’ve reviewed your automatic with. Pearl, Raw and now the Obsession Tour!!!

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