Hammer Extreme Envy | Release Video

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We started with the Envy cover and added carbon fiber; this addition has created a heavy oil ball that does not quit on the backend. Extreme Envy has a different core than the original Envy; this version of the Launcher core has a slightly lower RG and was created to match the Envy CFI cover perfectly.

The Extreme Envy is available starting 09.21.2023

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5 Comments on “Hammer Extreme Envy | Release Video”

  1. Is there a new black widow release around the corner or maybe a envy hybrid? I need a hybrid in my bag and I’m close to pulling the trigger on the Dark Web Hybrid but I don’t wanna jump the gun πŸ˜‚

  2. I have the original Envy and really love it. This new Extreme Envy looks really good too, but I’m pretty confused why Hammer chose to make it. It doesn’t seem very different from the original. I guess it’s just an improved version?

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