18 Comments on “HAMMER | BLACK WIDOW PURPLE URETHANE | Return of the KING???”

  1. No longer want. It’s a NEED. I skipped on the Purple Pearl Urethane for this, as my Fab Blue still rolls well for me to not need the Purple Pearl. Now, BW core? I’m all in, especially as I missed getting the last pour of these from Hopkinsville, so it’s great that they’ve poured this again in Reynosa. Last I saw this ball it only went to Japan, so to see it in S. Korea is promising for all around.

  2. Cool video talk to tech black widow purple with nano technology more hitting power more strike and spares ok bowlers rant

  3. I think I’m the only one who loves the motion of the gas mask core, however my game and it don’t really match up. U absolutely love this concept, international or US. We’ll see if I get one.

  4. Remake of the ball from the Kentucky plant. Chris I love the excitement you exude for Hammer releases….I’m a Hammer guy and I can relate!

  5. REALLY!!! I just got the purple “regular” urethane…and love it but have all the Widows! Yes never to to many!!!

    I have the purple, the overseas hybrid and the ghost pearl and will need to see if I can get this some how…🙃

    1. @Bowlers Rant I went to school with Timmy Mack so I have Storm as well…Proton, Dual lock overseas and the iQ Tour sapphire and need to get Troup to auto my Gravity which isn’t used much! Bowling I uses what works in warmups and go from there based on what I see 🎳

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