12 Comments on “HAMMER | BLACK WIDOW GHOST PEARL & WIDOW SPARE | Winter is coming! | Aggression Pearl Returns!”

  1. HUH. Interesting how they did the color scheme on the “new” Widow Spare. I was actually hoping they would bring back the original color scheme, which looks MUCH better than the new Widow Spare, which looks not great, I’m sorry to say. I may still get one because I really need a dry lane ball but yeesh

    1. They are trying to keep up with the Black Widow Clear balls that were released overseas. They have similar color schemes on it, but are truly pancake balls, as they have no core. We’re actually ahead of the overseas market on this one!

    1. Not quite my friend. Pink had Aggression Pearl CFI cover. This one is an updated Aggression Pearl, no CFI. Should be slightly different and dope!

  2. Cool video talk to tech hammer widow viz a ball spare bowling ball get more spares and black widow ghost pearl strike bowling ball more strike hitting power bowler rant Chris beans

  3. It’s about time we finally got a spare ball with core again! The last one we had was 7-8 years ago with the True Blood, which was polyester cover with the First Blood core. This will definitely hold its own if it’s thrown in the dry.

    The Ghost Pearl looks sick. I just hope that it won’t have any overlap with the Obsession Tour Pearl. The Obsession Tour Pearl is High RG, Low diff, so that would scream more control, but I’m hearing reports of it being angular, which a BW is geared toward being.

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