Hammer | Black Widow Black | Sanded Particle Destroyer!

Chris Beans breaks down the Hammer Black Widow Black, a rare overseas asymmetric bowling ball from Hammer Bowling! Full specs, ball reaction video, commentary and more!

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12 Comments on “Hammer | Black Widow Black | Sanded Particle Destroyer!”

  1. The mica/particle and labeling on this so reminds me of an old Columbia Black Knight.. except that it’s a Widow! I passed on the BW Purple because it isn’t doing anything my Web Tour Hybrid already is, but this… this may have me pull the trigger on it, because everything in the Widow lineup so far here in the US and in some overseas markets have been based on the Aggression coverstock, which is on the Redemption series. This would give a completely different look because of the cover alone.

    1. With Particle, Chris is talking about the mica that is in the ball. Those are the sparkles that you are seeing in the cover.

    1. Tomorrow at 12pm edt on BowlersMart website. Be quick….because last time they sold out in 5 minutes

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