1. DV8 just announced they’re releasing a new ball with the HK22 coverstock, and that one I’ll probably buy entirely based on looks lol.

  2. Called it!!! And it’s red… told you franks red hot.. put that hk22 on everything!!! Lol.. do I get a freebie for that?? Lol love to try it actually

  3. Definitely picking up the widow as well, as I can phase out my original Widow 2.0 as I have an overseas widow solid to replace it. Color wise, it reminds me of the Ebonite Warrior, which had really good shelf appeal.

    However, the Envy Tour… it screams control ball but not exactly a benchmark piece. Would it be a decent replacement for a Web Tour Hybrid Edition, as that is a symmetric controllable ball that can be a benchmark piece?

  4. My obsession tour still good so no need for the envy but I’m glade hammer finally made a new black widow hybrid state side it’ll compliment my pink pearl and 2.0 solid perfectly

  5. Hammer Time!!! Mr. Beans when you said “sex on the lanes” I was impressed. I’ve never heard that before.. Good on you sir!

  6. I can’t justify buying another ball right now. If I were to buy another ball right now. I would have to think about it if these two were the choices.

    I have the Envy which I like. The envy tour would be a logical add to compliment the original Envy. I have had good luck with the Widow line in the past though. I would have to decide which ball would be a better drop.down from my Envy based on my own bowling style.

  7. So did I read it right? Longer than the Pearl Ghost? Thought Hybrids were a blend of solid and Pearl reaction wise

  8. I got an original black widow off the house rack 2 weeks ago and it’s earned me a few hundred bucks. I was extremely lucky the span was about right and just had to oval out the thumb hole. I pretty much just want widows in my bag now.

  9. Shelf appearance is spectacular! The Infamous Gas Mask core, Peppered Hk22?! Who could ask for anything more?
    3.0, maybe?
    Now, the Envy Tour. What happened to the Envy? Hammer’s recent greatest beast known to man! Where’s that Launcher weight block? The Envy solid cover is the original Obsessions’ shell. So what gives? An Obsession in a different guise?

  10. I have a BW Domination and BW Savage, I’ll look for the overseas version of this hybrid. I want to know how it compares

  11. I have an Altered Reality and Black Widow Pink Urethane. I’m thinking about getting this ball but am wondering if it is necessary.

  12. I bought a black widow ball last week, tested it out, the thumb hole was too small for me so I had that hole re-drilled this afternoon. Today went a lot better than yesterday. Yesterday every game was barely over 100. Today my first game was a 201, second was a 137, last game was a 170. Can’t wait for next week.

  13. I have an undrilled 2.0 hybrid and a drilled Columbia 300 top
    Speed. Since they both have hk22, what’s the main difference between the two?

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