Chris Beans breaks down the 3-D OFFSET and BLACK WIDOW PINK URETHANE, the newest bowling balls from HAMMER BOWLING. Full specs and commentary! URD Feb 25 2022!

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    1. Different shapes for different bowlers the Purple Hammer is great, but it doesn’t work for everybody like every bowling ball

    2. You should see a demo of the Black Widow Purple Pearl Urethane (the overseas release) in comparison to the Purple Pearl Urethane. The Widow core makes a huge difference int he performance of the ball compared to the non-Widow version. I have both the last Hopkinsville and current Reynosa pours of the BW Purple Pearl Urethane, and both are beasts. I plan to get this one as well.

  1. I’m a storm guy but I’m excited about the 3D Offset! I had one back in the day and the way it looked rolling down the lane was beautiful to watch- rolly, amooth and continuous. Can’t wait!

    1. I owned Quantums… A HighRev 3D hammer and a bunch of storm product.. The 3D with a Tall 5 in pin was 1-2 with the Fire Quantum back in the day

  2. can compare to purple over sea ball to see whar color will do in diffrense. i hope to buy this with my low rev rate but dont know if pink will hurt the motion

  3. Cool video talk to tech bowling ball hammer black widow with dot technology dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time bowler rant and high rev 3d offset with dot technology dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spares hitting power at time

  4. Asym urethane is the best kind because it allows speed dominant players to use it as effectively as the rev dominant players.

  5. I’m hoping Hammer announces one of those urethane Hammers that you covered a while back… the Red Pearl and Black & Purple Solids. Anything weaker that the Purple would be nice, as that ball is just too strong for me.

  6. I have a purple hammer and I also have an original black widow urethane…might as well complete the trifecta with the pink

  7. These were a good surprise to find out about today, although I’m more excited about the GB4 Pearl. Companies are getting smarter about that USBC Approved Ball List.

    Love the videos as always! They’re always well put together and researched. Unlike certain Facebook posts regarding mismarked Idol Hustle RAPs 🤣

  8. Glad to see that Hammer is finally understanding what bowlers in the US want; the overseas style releases. By that I mean unique cover-core combinations along with attractive covers (BW pink urethane). Also love how they’re bringing back retired balls!

  9. What up, Beans?!?! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to an Offset. I had an original 25 years ago and it is a very unique ball. I liked the Violet so much I also got the Blue 3D-Maxxx and the Blue Pearl Super Flip Offset.

  10. Chris…my buddy and I who are PSOs both were talking about the 3D being similar to the Obsession Tour, but I think with the Higher RG and Higher Diff, It might be stronger downlane than the OT, but the Int Diff is a little lower. What are your thoughts on that???

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