1. Cool video talk tech bowling hammer 3d offset attack with dot technology drill anywhere technology and carbon fiber technology in the bowling ball more strikes hitting power at time and purple hammer reactive bowling ball with dot technology drill anywhere technology and carbon fiber technology in the bowling ball more strikes hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

    1. @scotty thompson bro then I am blessed to have you as a regular viewer and appreciate your support. Much love man!

  2. The Purple Hammer is one weird ball. It’s a 2 piece at 15 & 16 pounds, and the picture shows it as a 3 piece in 13 and 14 pounds. It has a weak core in all weights, and the description says the ball has a strong solid reactive cover. The cover is rated at a 6 on their chart, which is the same as the Vibe cover. So maybe a solid version of the CT Reactive Plus found on the Vibe? If I had to compare it to something, I would call it Storm Ride with a solid coverstock. Don’t get me wrong, as a 2 hander it’s a ball I’m interested in.

    1. yeah, a bit confusing to be sure. I think it will end up a step above the hammer raw solid, about as strong as an iq tour solid

  3. First off…I love that the young guns call you Mr. Beans!!!
    I like skid flip…but not hockey stick flip….so I would probably go with the 3-D Offset Attack pin down to try to make clearing the midlane priority getting to the friction. Keep it up!

  4. Can’t wait for the purple hammer reactive I have the og 3d offset been thinking of the new 3d offset would they pair really well together

  5. Hi. Thanks for info new sub. Have 3offest. Best Ball I ever had. Shot 816. Also have and like power torq. I m left handed speed dominant. Tried purple hammer. Sold it. Tried idol cosmos. Gave it away. Interested in new offset though. Any opinions. Thanks.

    1. Um no… Definitely not happening. The purple hammer is literally the only ball that gives them pro staffers. The purple hammer isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

    2. @DonkeyDieHard NVM, its jsut hammers mid preformense class that only hold 4 ball name in hammer ball list….before click on it

  6. Packy released a video on the purple. For him, on a sport shot, the urethane was stronger to the pocket. On a house shot, the reactive was the ticket.

  7. CB, have to correct you? I thought you said that the I.Q tour is from the Brunswick family? When you were talking about the reactive purple hammer. Q- do you think the Green Spectre will be coming over here (US) ? Thanks CB for all your great info and always on top of every new ball. Never miss your vid’s

  8. The hk22 is the first cover that intrigues me with b7. The ball motion is very SPI-esque. The defender hybrid reads mids and comes off friction, similar to what the Zen does. Also, that core is SUPER chuggy. I’m not sure how much snap is gonna come out of it. Kind of a curious combo of cover core.

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