7 Comments on “Grips vs. No Grips | Pros & Cons”

  1. I prefer the ball to ball consistent feel with no grips. When I used grips, every ball in my bag had a slightly different feel because of grip wear.

  2. When I got my Crypto Boom I had my hand remeasured and grips installed, and my old spare balls filled and re drilled with the same grips and span. All balls now feel the same, except for slight differences in weight…
    Will have grips in every bal from now on…

  3. I use no grips. I like the sharper edge so I can be “softer” at the bottom. I throw no thumb. I tape my fingers and I tape the inside of the holes to get the “tightness” I like. If I swell I just remove the tape on the fingers or adjust the tape in the fingers. My finger holes are drilled 3″ deep and I use my finger tips.

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