Getting Out Of Jail – #RadicalRundown

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Welcome back to the Radical Rundown!

This week, we're talking about "getting out of jail" when you're trapped on the lane with bad ball reaction. Sometimes, they seem to hook to much on the inside and not hook enough outside, so what can you do?

Let us know what you do differently when you feel you have no ball reaction whatsoever!

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9 Comments on “Getting Out Of Jail – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Ok, but how is this useful? If I take this at face value and go get lessons because I apparently suck at bowling, what does that have to do with Radical?

    I guess Ronnie did suggest a “type of ball”, but still, this just seems like 3 minutes of random baseless elitism.

  2. We’ve got new lanes that hook a lot, so to compensate they put down a 44 foot pattern. Mostly everyone is having the problem of this topic. The ones that seem to be doing ok, are the super seniors who’ve been bowling for 50 years. So I got a lesson last week, and the solution was 3 things: changing my hand position in the set up on the approach, moving left a zone and changing my target.

  3. Sometimes it is a talent problem…. I have had to find a way to throw straighter to deal with the “jail” problem. Made equipment I normally left in my bag useable again.

    Half the back swing and I hit almost 19 mph and a ball dancing through the pins to take them all out. Use all the swing and stone 9 pin or miss the head pin altogether at 14 mph, sprinting to the line, playing up 25 out to 10. Move right and its hitting the 7 pin only.

    Makes no sense at all, except with less revs, the ball slows down much much later, getting the ball to the track. It is possible to choke power/accuracy with too many revs.

    Hook the whole lane when you need to, keep it in front of you when you need to and learn to play up the 2 board like Duke when you need to..

  4. It’s almost always a talent or mechanical problem IMO. Too many pros end up blaming the ball so they drill new balls. Then those new balls don’t work right and they repeat the process. Let’s just be honest, some bowlers on tour don’t match rev rate and speed. Matching is key. If you have lower rev rate, admit it, and fix your speed. 😀

  5. In Vegas they still have oil to the outside, and pretty much all of them are 42ft.

    The issue I see most, is too many people don’t know how to move left or even change balls. They just can’t understand that the pattern breaks down and you can’t stay on the same line with their high end equipment.

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