Game Breaker 4, GB4 | Full review with commentary | 5″X75

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10 Comments on “Game Breaker 4, GB4 | Full review with commentary | 5″X75”

  1. Wow.. this confuses me as well, but not in the way that you’re seeing. I’m definitely looking at a GB4 as a benchmark ball, but I’m trying to figure out the right layout for that ball for it to be a benchmark piece. I’m looking something like 45 x 4.5 x 45 to still give some continuation, but that 45 x 5 x 75 looked really good on that ball! Was the GB4 still at OOB finish?

  2. really good comparison between the two balls. i also saw what you were seeing. if the lanes were a little trickier i’d say that when the asym is leaving wrap 10’s and 4-9’s go to the sym to smooth the reaction just a touch. then when the sym wants to leave flat 10’s and weak 7’s go to the asym to get a touch more angle into the pocket.

  3. Didn’t like my original GB3 but loved my GB3 Black and Blue and pearl. So I will definitely give this a try soon.


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