Full Game and Commentary with the Track Proof Pearl | Burned Conditions

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10 Comments on “Full Game and Commentary with the Track Proof Pearl | Burned Conditions”

    1. I have the incognito pearl. I love it. I just throw it right and it comes shooting back in hard to the left for a strike. It’s a Strong ball and I couldn’t be happier with it.

    2. I find my proof picks up sooner and hits like a truck and incognito is definitely something that gets down the lane more.

  1. Great fun, and very educational, with your commentary. It’s interesting that you like the pearl Proof best of all for big angles. I am slower (71 yrs. old), with lots less rev rate, and my go-to ball is the Track Proof Solid under the same conditions. I did that today in no-tap, and got 7 of 8 no-tap strikes to close out the last game. I had previously never thought about using my “biggest” ball on late conditions, but nothing else works the same. I also use a targeting mechanism a lot like what you’re describing per Slowinski. When I get in trouble with trying to be too precise on slide board and arrows, I default to something like “walk straight toward the space between the 2 and 4 pins, and swing toward the space between the 6 and 10 pins. Don’t really know where the ball crosses the arrows, because I’m focused on swinging my arm toward my aim point. That also keeps my head up, to aid balance. If I need to roll it early, I don’t look closer to my feet, I just close my eyes as the ball is passing my body; that way I visualize the release – delayed turn, hopefully, and no head movement. Thanks for the post!

  2. Do a session on lay down point, target and breakpoint this will help alot understand the target lines. Thanks in advance

  3. I too would love to see you review the incognito pearl. Btw great job is always on the videos You’re my number one go-to for bowling information thank you so much

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