Found Enough Oil For The Storm Super Nova! Bowling On PBA Bear Oil Pattern!

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The Storm Super Nova is probably the strongest ball I have! Today we are bowling on the PBA Bear Oil pattern which have more than enough oil on the lanes to make the ball not burn up immediately!

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41 Comments on “Found Enough Oil For The Storm Super Nova! Bowling On PBA Bear Oil Pattern!”

  1. My son (2 handed righty) just bowled in a tournament Sunday on this same pattern, made it to semis (6 games qualifying, then 4 more games in a 32 person bracket out of the original 57 U18 boys) Started with Idol Helios and OG Idol and then had a hard time dealing with the burn, eventually the RST-X2 and Hypercell Skid worked for him in the bracket.

    1. @Luis Napoles how do you break them down the right way? A video walking through your breakdown methodology of what you’re doing and why would be dope.

  2. First, I wish every bowler would bowl on a sport shot, even to practice, just once or twice a year so they could understand just what a different game it is. Second, and specific to this ball (or balls like it), this video shows what my frustration with them is: They work great when the conditions are there for them, but it’s so hard to find those conditions often enough to justify the purchase. The ball is going to sell anyway, because there’s still a large market for these kind of balls for people who hit the pro shop and say “just give the me the latest/greatest hook monster,” even if they would be better served stepping down a couple of rungs on the ladder. For me, though, I just hope if I buy one, I’ll get to use it enough to feel like I got my money’s worth before it becomes obsolete technology. Good thing this ball seems to take well to polish, I guess. :p

    1. Well another big thing here that just cause we don’t match up with this ball on house doesn’t mean there aren’t bowlers out there who will you know

    2. @Luis Napoles Very true. I just see a lot more guys using too much ball than guys using not enough ball on THS leagues. And it would be different if they were playing the shim on purpose and using those big balls to blend things but too often you watch them throw for awhile and it’s like, yeah, if you’re trying to go over 12 out to 3 and back you should probably be in a Zen/P2/etc.

  3. Kinda wish to you did the Super vs the OG Nova comparison on this Shot. The differences would have really shown up when the pattern is tougher. I appreciate your efforts in showing the balls on different patterns and the fact that you compare them to different balls in the line.

  4. Looks great on heavier volume and not burning up as early so when you move left and miss a little right still has energy to get there

  5. Amazing how much difference a little oil makes. My house shot this past Sunday had zero oil, it was awful. First time I’ve ever seen my ball perfectly dry coming back, even my Burner Solid was getting way too much traction. I’d love to try a sport pattern.

  6. Thanks for the bear oil pattern comparison, I bowl in a heavy oil pattern house shot. The super nova ball motion on this looks outstanding. Appreciate you my brother.

  7. A beautiful demonstration of how a bowling ball is designed to work on some patterns and not others.
    These BIG STRONG bowling balls are not really for house shots unless you have a ton of speed or very low revs.
    I have a Pro Motion and Forge Flare and when I throw them on house shots they go straight as an arrow like a spare ball.
    But when I use them in my Sport League these same two balls have amazing shape and continuation.
    Glad to see your Mint Fur hair back Lou and liking the 70’s Stashe too. 😉

  8. Notice how when he misses on a non house shot the ball does not really matter! This if you want to be a really talented bowler it starts with being able to repeat the shot!

  9. That gutter shows u how much more challenging this pattern is it didn’t even try to move I love to see this review on a sport pattern I really want to try some kind of sport pattern

  10. Fun video Luis. This type of video, demonstrates your mantra: right tool for the right job. I really dillweeded a spare shot on that pattern, but it was fun.👍👊✌🖖

  11. Great video! Love the explanation.
    Hope league is going great for ya!
    League is going really well so far but I’m thinking of switching out my DV8 Decree. I love my Nova and Dark Moss, what would a nice addition to the arsenal be in your opinion? I stand far right, about 17mph off the hand and decent rev rate and hooking down lane.

  12. I’ve bowled on bear 1 time and won a tournament throwing a Proton Physix for all 4 games.. My current league shot is 29 mls 7 to 1 ratio and 43 feet in length so I usually start with a proton game 1 and then get into weaker stuff game 3 when they open up!! So I do have a use for big asyms!!! You’re super nova looked even better than my proton does on that heavier volume. That ball seems to shape a bit more than my proton

  13. Just got my Supernova drilled today and I love it. I definitely will have to pad it up with probably 3000 grit since the lanes I usually bowl has weak oil and dry up pretty quickly.

  14. What speed are you throwing the Super Nova? I like the color. Seeing the rotation helps. I’m getting my ball tomorrow. It should work great because the local alley can be seriously oily sometimes.

  15. Reason for that ball hooked after you missed a little right is because you moved in to 3rd and 4th arrow to try to get away from the extreme outside part of the lane.

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