Forge vs Forge Fire | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have an in depth comparison between the Forge and the Forge Fire! You haven't seen much (at all) of the Forge on this channel and I thought this was a great time to showcase it just before the release of the Forge Flare!! This is a great comparison because both balls have the same layout core and finish!!

Let me know what comparisons you want to see next!!

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44 Comments on “Forge vs Forge Fire | In Depth Comparison”

    1. They’re making a ball that will fill a spot in people’s bags. The original and the Flare aren’t going to roll the same. They’ll be similar, sure. But Motiv releases balls based on shapes, a cover is just a way to achieve that shape. They’ll do different things and that’s what matters most.

    2. Hey Jeff so I imagine I’ll be similar to the Alpha and Ghost. The OG forge and the Flare will prob compare to those. One will be earlier and smoother and the other will be a little cleaner and create more shape. Obviously that’s all speculation at this point. I’ll know more once I actually have the balls !

    3. @MotivLou yeah I would agree with your assessment. I just feel like that’s what the forge and forge fire already provide. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  1. I got my forge recently. Gonna use them tomorrow night in league and see. My forge is pin up and my fire is pin down

  2. Another stellar ball comparison, Luis. I really like the shape of that forge up the middle

  3. Wassup Lou.
    Man! I love the way the OG Forge looks coming off your hand
    (better than the Fire), it looks GREAT. The Fire is UGLY rolling
    down the lane and UGLY on the shelf. 😃 It may be a good ball
    but it’s so ugly, so ugly. And the OG Forge shapes the way I like. So,
    based solely on this video, I think the OG Forge will be my next Motiv
    purchase. THX FOR SHARING!

    1. I actually like the yellow and brown of the Fire lol I mean it’s definitely unique! On this day however I agree that the forge rolled the better of the two. I’m really looking forward to the Forge Flare next !

  4. Another good comparison video. Based on what I saw, I think you should be throwing the Forge on house. It looked like it was more forgiving, but still finished strong.

    1. That’s smart to do!! I imagine my review will be up in the next 2 ish weeks just depends on when I get them!

  5. Yeah Lou my man, you did it again – “another very well done ball comparison video”. I can’t wait to roll mine (Forge Fire) now just to see how it fits into my game.

  6. Good video as always. I thought the Forge looked really good. I think I need to take the Forge Fire out of my bag for a little while and think what i need to do to it. I think I’m going to bring out my Rogue Assassin which I haven’t thrown in a little while. I just thought of this while watching this video. Thanks for the idea. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  7. Love how you did this video. Id love to see you do the history of the venom and, since the flash was just released, the jackal lines if possible. Im not sure if you have all versions in both lines but id love to see how each ball compares to the others in the lines, what you expect from the fatal, and what you would like to see in both lines for possible future/

    1. That’s something that I would LOVE to do but I don’t have a lot of the discontinued balls.
      I have thrown all of them in the past and I don’t wanna sound like the “typical” staffer but the stuff we have no is sooooooo good

    2. @MotivLou yea i figured it would be hard to have every single ball in each line. Honestly id gladly listen to your thoughts on how everything has evolved. ive only thown motiv for a year now so ive miss out on all these legendary balls. i thankfully have a ghost but i think the venom toxin would have been amazing in my hands. id say throw video of the balls you do have and just have a discussion on the ones you dont. and obviously as i said i would love to hear what you think they could or should do with future releases

  8. Nice. I’m looking forward to seeing the Flare comparison. Right now, the forge looks like the better option for me, but my PSO typically recommends asym cores because of my low rev and speed.

  9. x-cellent video comparison !! nice job !! had the forge , pin up, good ball !! didn’t care for the “fire”, never played well for me .

  10. Just gave away my Forge, love the ball, but due to injury I had to come out of 16LBS, I have the Fire (15Lbs), drilled to be controlled (put down on 20, out to 7, and back to pocket).

  11. Great video Luis! Definitely see those two balls the same way you do, and i’m extremely excited to see how the Flare slots in. I loved the Revolt line, and the Forge Flare looks like a Covert/Havoc modernized. Btw, unrelated, what are you using camera wise? Thanks for the quality videos!

    1. They really do compare to the revolt line! So before I was using a Canon 70D but I’ve been using my iPhone 11 pro max. Been recording in 4K 60

  12. For me I don’t like the OG forge. I threw a demo and it was horrible no movement etc. I throw no thumb with a rev rate between 510 and 550 depending on how much I want to wheel on it.

    I do not have a problem with control balls (the desert tank works really well for me) however the Fire is more of my “control” piece that I can play more up the lane with in a heavier oil scenario. The desert tank I have had teammates comment they didn’t think it would hit the pocket because of how it “floated” to the pocket and there was no defined shape. So for them, adjustments would be impossible.

    I probably won’t get the flare (it probably won’t fit my game). Really I only throw hybrids or pearls with the only solid in my bag being the venom shock.

    Great comparison video but, for me, I would stick with the fire

    1. It’s hard to really judge a ball truly either way at a demo, but we all have balls we match up with and our favorites. If you’re only gonna have 1 solid in your bag the Shock is a dam good one to have!!

    2. @MotivLou last time i threw motiv I only had hybrids and pearls with my only solid being the orange recon. Primal rage remix, forza redline, apex ascent (pink and green) and the recon. My asyms were other companies (hammer and storm)

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