Forge Flare vs Alpha Jackal | In Depth Comparison

What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have an in depth comparison between the two strongest balls that @bowlmotiv has to offer on the current ball chart the Alpha Jackal and the Forge Flare! Only one can be the champ for the strongest ball watch the video and you decide for yourself!!

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45 Comments on “Forge Flare vs Alpha Jackal | In Depth Comparison”

  1. Man, that Flare just DOES. NOT. stop moving!

    It will be a great tournament addition.

    I will have that, my Ghost, Flash, Blitz, Hydra, and Fatal. I might bring the Assassin too

  2. Hearing you say you use the Alpha on short, I’m like “whaaaa?” Maybe it’s the rev rate but I couldn’t imagine using that on short, the strongest ball I can use on short is a venom Shock Pearl lol

    1. Urethane aside, typically stronger balls are used on shorter patterns. So they use up their energy right away and don’t overbook. Weaker equipment that stores more energy is harder to control on shorter patterns.

    2. @TheVlad1616 yeah, but I can never get anything to hold on short patterns, even my strong rolly stuff hooks an absolute ton. I am a two hander, about 500+ rev rate, 17.5 mph, 45° axis rotation, about 10° tilt

    3. On short you want balls that will burn up energy quick. So an alpha with like 500 or 1000 will roll out instantly and be really good on short !

    4. @Gavin Winkler you also want to stay behind the ball more, and come up the back with your fingers. Too much on the side will cause a sharper reaction at the end of the pattern, and you don’t want that with 25+ feet of lane left.

  3. My game plan right now for Nationals is the Alpha Jackal, Blitz, and either the Fatal Venom or Jackal Flash (once I have thrown them both).

  4. The Forge Fire reminds me of a Hammer ball back in the day called the Jigsaw. Very similar downlane motion but the Fire looks to be a touch sooner. I killed it with that Jigsaw and I have to get the Fire because it matches up to my game very well.

  5. Can you please help me? I started to get back into bowling. The balls I have now are hooking way too early for me. I want a less hooking ball. I want one that hooks less on fresh lanes. Thanks man.

    1. Have you tried looking into the Thrill and/or the Hydra? Both of those balls are designed to be very long with not a ton of hook potential

    1. That video won’t happen as I’ve said before. I don’t have a VSP and it’s discontinued so no way for me to get one. But the fatal will be earlier, more angular and more ball overall than the VSP

  6. I appreciate that you’re honest about what balls are good at, and what they’re not. Lots of reviewers just hype up the new releases and say how they do X thing that last year’s release doesn’t do, as if the older ball is always worse. I mean, I get it – brand reps are brand reps, but honesty goes a long way in helping customers trust your brand.

    1. I don’t like to say that every ball is the greatest because the reality is that that’s not true. I like to be upfront and honest with my reviews to gain trust with everyone. So when I make a recommendation it’s not filled with bias but filled with truth. I’ll never recommend a ball just cause it’s the newest ball

  7. I am a person that does not have a lot of revs, and I throw about 15 mph. Would you recommend the forge flare for me?

    1. Yes! Absolutely! The lower rev rate players will love the flare because of its ability to dig in the oil and still shape down lane!

  8. I love this new forge flare definitely a hook monster 0 to 60 really quick and great continuation threw the pins I really enjoyed throwing it

    1. The Forge Flare will be earlier and more ball overall vs the Ghost. The MXC cover on the Flare is insanely strong

  9. Hey Lou, how does this ball compare to the Motiv Venom Shock? I have the venom shock and I find it sometimes doesn’t break in enough when I dont put enough hook onto the ball (I normally bowl on house lanes).

  10. I’m a two-handed bowler and I’m usually around 15 mph with around 400 revs. Do you think this either of these balls would be a good fit or would I need to look at something with less grab in the oil?

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