9 Comments on “Forge Flare & Fatal Venom Release Date with Andrew Graff!!”

  1. Luis I’m a lefty down and in bowler just bought the flare I’m a low to medium rev guy any thoughts on how I should get it laid out to drill I need it to hook a lot so I can move right for lane changes

    1. Since you’re low to medium rev rate I would say like a 4 to 4.5 inch pin to pap and a 25 VAL angle would be my recommendation

  2. why andrew on a fresh line start to play all on the left? when oil going to finish he start to play in another line? and is his pendulum (swing) natural or is it forced upwards?

    1. His rev rate forces him further left especially here at sams town. His swing has always been high like that doesn’t seem forced to me!

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