Forge Flare Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have a ball review for the ALL NEW @bowlmotiv Forge Flare!!! This ball is truly SPECIAL in my opinion!! this core and cover combo make for a GREAT ball !!!
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47 Comments on “Forge Flare Ball Review By Staffer Luis Napoles”

  1. Already ordered 2 of them! One will be pin up and one down. Super excited and now even more so after the video!

  2. Agree that Direction is great! Moving into balls that hook downlane. My experience as a mid rev bowler was always too early hook and very little backend. Here lately Motiv has really step up to backend and continues balls. Something for EVERY STYLE BOWLER! Ready!!! I’m in!!!!!!! Motivated Thanks

  3. hey motivlou.
    nice video. i bought an OG Forge, based on your video; i like the smooth predictable motion of the OG Forge better than the more violent reaction off the dry of the Flare and the Fire. Thx for sharing.

    1. Yea I definitely was not expecting that ! They told us before we got them that it would be the strongest ball we have AND it’ll shape and that didn’t/doesn’t make sense but it is and it does haha

  4. Every video coming out of this ball keeps making it look more and more impressive. Motiv seems to really have found something with it

  5. Was I the only one that noticed that he changed jerseys halfway through the video? Did you get too much drool 🤤 on the first one watching that Flare strike all the time?😉

    1. Haha so what happened was I filmed the Flare and the Fatal the same day and when I got home I realized I didn’t have enough footage for the Flare since I was in this review alone so I had to come back 😂😂

    2. @MotivLou I think you came back because you were striking so much with it, you wanted to be sure it wasn’t a fluke, and found out it was not! The ball is just that good! 😉😁

  6. I can’t wait to get mine! I also have the Apha Jackal, and I can get mine to shape down lane when I increase my axis rotation. The last time I used it, I had it snapping on the back end the same way the Flash does naturally.

  7. Yes I am considering ordering the Forge Flare. I just received my Forge Fire and VIP. We are on Lockdown right now and I have yet to throw either. Waiting to see how they roll so I can decide on a layout for it. The Fire and VIP are 60x4x35. First time using this layout on a Symmetrical ball.

  8. I can see why they had to delay the release almost a week. I love my ghost at 2k+polish, I bet the flare is gonna soo good with polish, with as good as it looks at box finish

    1. Its CRAZY how good this is as well as the Fatal! I can’t remember a time where there was THIS much hype for a release! I can’t wait to see how this Flare rolls with some polish!

    1. I haven’t heard anything about the December 9th date being pushed back again. Whenever you get the ball in your hands it’ll be worth it !!

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