First Time I Have EVER Shot 300 First Game Out The Box! Roto Grip Idol Cosmos Ball Review!

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Today we are reviewing the all new Roto Grip Idol Cosmos! In my life bowling I have never shot 300 with a bowling ball right out of the box! That is until today! Enjoy the video!

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42 Comments on “First Time I Have EVER Shot 300 First Game Out The Box! Roto Grip Idol Cosmos Ball Review!”

  1. That’s how it’s did kid!!!! You gonna make me go buy another ball. 😂😂😂 just got the jackal ghost and the reality last week… FYI you were spot on about the reality!! Love, love, love that ball

  2. Love to see it Luis!!! Sorry about the missed 10pins😩 I definitely wanna see a Helios comparison coming soon. Been watching your release for a while now and you may want to consider being more inside the ball. Check out 220 Average Bowlers’ vid:

    1. I’ll definitely check it out!! If it was for score I definitely would have shot 800 cause o would have had my spare ball

    2. @Luis Napoles Yeah I hear ya!…no one would throw the Cosmos at a 10pin for score😅 You did Awesome! Not trying to criticize ya…just something to take notice of especially if you wanna shoot 800 on a sport shot🤠

  3. Good stuff my man!! I’m here in Vegas too actually gonna head to Gold Coast or Sun Coast n get a few games in… But I have 2 800s to my name and I can’t blame ya for staying with what was working!!! One of my 800s I opened with 300 first game, in a doubles league and my pops threw 300 same game!!! We were like the 2nd father/son duo to do it according to USBC record books back in 06… 😀 That’s my only claim to fame!

  4. Keep up the awesome vids and I’ll tell u what it’s not freaking easy to get on camera and not stumble over ur words or for me not swear on accident!!! Hahaha from Motiv Lou to Global Lou!!! Great content man looking forward to the next banger! 🔥🎳

    1. @Luis Napoles there u go! No MotivLou or GlobalLou or BrunswickLou or B!GLou!!!! Hahaha Luis Napoles is where its at! Unless they’re paying u handsomely cuz I’ll be HammerChris in a heartbeat if those checks keep coming!!! 🤣 #selloutChris #PayMeBooiiii

  5. I really liked the format of this video. Just bowling games and using the ball the way it works well.

    1. @Luis Napoles How does your layout translate to the VLS When i saw your layout kinda looks like 4x4x2 (nice series) always go for It

  6. Nice bowling Luis! Funniest moment of the video: “Oh Ok…let’s move right then!?” LOL. Looks like the Infinite Physix and the Idol Cosmos are both excellent new releases. One of them you compare to your Alpha Crux and the next one you should 300 and almost your highest series, that’s crazy.

  7. I’m excited for the Idol Pearl comparison as I’m thinking about replacing mine and have others seen they aren’t really comparable. I’ve got a free ball coming and need to decide what I want.

  8. I have all the Idol series. The OG, the Pearl, the Pro, the Synergy, and the Helios. I feel like I need to buy this one to keep the family complete, but now it’s a no brainer. Love the motion that ball gave you, and to throw almost an 800 straight from the box? EVERYONE needs that ball. Haha

  9. I haven’t seen that much “new ball carry” in a long time. 😂 Seriously though, that ball looks really good.

  10. Super impressive! I think I’m gonna pick this one up. May wait a little bit because I just bought a pyramid pathogen plague pearl urethane (mouthful i know) but this is tempting

  11. Really between this phaze 2, zen soul as a step down from my forge flare which I am a huge fan of. I am leaning zen soul…let me know your thoughts. I do bowl in sport league and sport tournaments.

    Have a phaze 3 (like with a little surface) and uc2 (leave polished) in the bag already.

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