First Rematch Of The Series!

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Chris and I had the very first match of the series! Today I gave him a rematch at south point and we are bowling on a pair!

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49 Comments on “First Rematch Of The Series!”

  1. First of all TRIGGER WARNING: Krytsa, Krysta, Krysta! Both lanes look great. Are those the new lanes? Chris’s ball motion always amazes me. Fun video.👍👊✌👌

  2. Dude I love this format with two lanes so much. It’s like more in a league/tournament setting it feels. Good stuff as always.

  3. 5:08 That 7 pin! 🤣
    Chris should have moved right with his Purple Hammer and messed Lou’s strike line up and won through sneaky strategy. 😈

  4. As always enjoyed your videos. Sorry for Chris not able to get lined up. Like the two lanes. What did you do to this exotic gem different than the other two. Are all bowling companies pretty close to each other as far as equipment goes. Thanks for all you do to keep bowling out there for our enjoyment

  5. It’s gonna be hard too beat him he always has the newest ball and new balls read the lane very well. He should win everyone one.

    1. @Luis Napoles new as in right outta the box and drilled. Having no more than 10 games on it. New balls always react better than ball that have like 100 games on them. That’s why the pro drill so many.

  6. your forward roll is looking better than ever.. your getting your hand in good position at the bottom.

    1. As a Cardinals fan, I’m not wanting to look at that hat just yet. They put it on us last week 😭

  7. Luis + new lanes + Exotic Gem = Lights out. I can’t believe you are using the gem also. Is it the new G.O.A.T. ball?

  8. You are making me want to drill exotic gem again which I didn’t like for the first time. But that ball looks good.

  9. I like 2 lanes. Whats Chris league average? He sprays it all over the place! Lol. Throws it good but needs to slowdown

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