10 Comments on “First Look At 900 Global Zen Soul! Full Review On Sunday! #Shorts #Bowling #Zen”

  1. That ball motion is fantastic, but what’s better is that camera angle! Also find it interesting that the Miami Marlins logo is the same colors as the ball lol

  2. This guy makes a video on how much he hates the zen master then gets on staff with global 900 and the zen masters is amazing and his favorite ball ……soooooooooo biased

    1. You clearly don’t keep up with the channel lol I stated multiple times how much I hated with Zen Master while I was on staff with 900 Global 😂😂 didn’t throw it for literally months and then drilled a new one and love the new one. Still hate the old one 😂 I call it like I see them man and If somehow that makes me biased then idk what to tell you. When I was a free agent I threw literally all the brands and decided global was the one for me so check ya facts bruh

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