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  1. Might not have been a good idea manager Todd from Las Vegas Bowlersmart confronting Luis Napoles on livestream. Really makes BowlersMart look unprofessional! Just my opinion. Maybe should have waited and did it a different time.

    Check about 1 hr 31 min 39 secs into livestream when Todd confronts Luis

  2. That Store Manager is an absolute embarrassment to Bowlersmart. If his treatment of Luis, who does so much for the sport on YouTube – and for the promotion of Bowlersmart – is accepted by his employer, it makes the option to shop at BowlerX that much more appealing.

    1. @Michael Conroy At 1:31:39 Luis is asked who drilled the Absolute he is throwing, he answers honestly and that’s where it starts to go south. The bowlers mart guy feels that because they are a sponsor he should get his equipment drilled by one of their shop. I have no idea what kind of sponsor contract Luis has so it’s hard to say. But this kind of unwritten rule of who has to drill equipment is not a great look for bowling as a whole. Too many people take it personally when at the end of the day it’s business. I have customers who for their own personal reason decide to get equipment drilled by someone else I still welcome them and help them with whatever they need.

  3. I didn’t even realize they had pro shops named bowlers mart. I thought it was just an online place to get equipment. I’m with ya though on who drills my shi. I wouldn’t have another pro shop drill if they sponsored me. Lol. My guy drills every ball to where I can’t tell by feel when I change. When you find a guy you stick with them. Hell I asked permission in a way before I brought new balls that I get other ways to him to have drill just to make sure it wasn’t disrespectful.

  4. If I still use your link to buy things, does he get anything? If he does I don’t want to support that dude. That was rude and unnecessary

  5. Luis knew it was coming because he was talking about it earlier. Haha. At one point I was like wait he forget he is mic’ed up.

    1. Yeah I watched it. He was building up steam that whole time I guess. It took him over an hour from when he asked you about ball and when he finally says don’t come in the shop. Which is crazy for him to say.

  6. Hey Luis. Didn’t watch the live stream, but saw a cut clip of the confrontation.

    Wanted to stop by and say you handled it very well and professionally. Kudos to you for staying calm and level headed.

  7. I want to put this out there for everyone. I know some people probably thinking well he promotes bowlermart why not get your ball drilled there. First of all bowlermart sell a lot of things online and make money off his promotions. Most people don’t live near them and won’t get it drilled there.

    2nd ball drilling is very personal. So the guy that drills his ball was originally from bowlersmart. Bowling is so much about feel and to be honest maybe just in people’s head but you want consistency you go to the same guy.

    Doesn’t mean bowlersmart drill bad or even Todd. Just means Luis built comfort with someone else.

    Todd mentions loyalty but going to the same guy to get drilled seems loyal to me.

    My point is if Luis threw the absolute and hated it but said he loved it because he gets paid to say so that would suck. Getting paid by bowlersmart and not getting ball drilled is very different. And if you are finicky about your fit you understand.

    1. @Umbra I heard. Pretty sure they have other drillers in there. Clearly you want to have a good relationship with driller which they do not.

      I was also chalking it up to the fact Luis was pissed and said that. Cooler heads eventually prevail and I’m sure things will tone down. In the end he should still drill where he is comfortable.

    2. @Okeedoke22  I agree. That’s why I’m learning to drill my own stuff so I don’t have to worry about finding a new guy if I move or whatever

    3. @Okeedoke22  that’s what I am doing. I help out around the shop and they teach me everything. They won’t drill for me anymore. They make me do it. It’s been a good experience.

  8. You should change the title of this video to “Unhinged Moron Has No Idea He’s Live On The Internet”🤣🤣

  9. that explosive reaction at the end of the match, makes this league look like a joke. The man bowled a good game, but then lost respect because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut..

  10. 220avg bowler has some nice videos on how to drill balls at home. you don’t even NEED a drill. or even a home if you have a kayak

  11. Came here to see the TA thing, knew him from his days running the pro shop at our local house, not really surprised. But no one wanted to mention how the dead wood on lane 43 was cleared at around the 2:08.30 mark? I know there isnt suppose to be oil that far down, but I swear it still messes with the shot (or at least my head). Hate when the porters do that. STAY.OFF.THE.LANE.

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