FINALLY Found An Asymmetrical Layout I LOVE! 900 Global Reality Still The GOAT!

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I have been struggling to find an asymmetrical layout that I really love and tried this one 45×4 3/8×65 and really love it! Drilled it on a 900 Global Reality and confirmed it's still the best asymm solid on the market!

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42 Comments on “FINALLY Found An Asymmetrical Layout I LOVE! 900 Global Reality Still The GOAT!”

  1. Honestly my favorite asymmetrical solid would have to be my proton physix! I love the ball motion that it gives me!

    1. I really like mine too, especially when I play on really wet lanes at one of the places I play a lot (I have my surface at about 800 right now). I generally start with my Proton PhysiX and if that is getting traction a little too early I move to my new Radical Innovator (absolutely LOVING that ball). I think at this point I would have to put my Radical Innovator (box surface) at the top of my favorite Asymmetric, haven’t thrown it a whole lot yet, but the last couple of nights it has been working fantastic for me. Both balls are at 45x4x35 (versatile) layout.

    2. Update: From bowling a lot yesterday, I am absolutely loving my new Radical Innovator .. oh man, it just works better than anything else I have (Proton PhysiX, Zen Master, Zen Pearl, etc..) it was just working so well both in the middle (in the oil) and out in the drier edges. I have it laid out in 45x4x35 (versatile) and it was so versatile that way. It seemed to just react right no matter how I threw it. I am very impressed with that ball. It is becoming my “go to” ball.

  2. My new favorite is that exotic gem, I got it early and it’s super amazing, I can’t wait for Luis to throw that ball and I have skid flip on my layout

  3. I have had mixed feelings with my Reality. I did have the most success with it after hitting it with some polish. Shot my high set of 783 with it like that and had 19 in a row at one point.

  4. I bought a reality a few months ago after I took a 5 year break from bowling to focus on University. After coming back and trying the reality, as I now bowl with 2 hands I just never felt like it could hit where I wanted it to hit consistently. I’ve been having much more luck with my 900 Global sure things which is wayyyy older and felt like it had a lot more bite in the back end (confused me as it was symmetric in contrast to the reality)

    This video has given me hope. I’ve been told recently that due to my high revs the ball was burning up. I was thinking if using some 3000/4000 grit could work, and this video has given me more confidence in that idea so I’ve ordered a few pads. I’m from the UK and bowling equipment and accessories aren’t as easy to come by.

    Hoping it changes my ball for the better.

  5. Love the 900 Global Reality!! As you, I have found the surface is very important to match the lane conditions.

  6. Nice video Luis I’m going to change mine my is really strong on house. 4000 grit it is. Thanks ball looks almost is bulletproof as you had the Alpha Crux looking. Oh and I brought out my 2014 Dream On and it looked fabulous too. I was going to sell my NIB Alpha Crux but I’m gonna punch it next week.

  7. The Reality is strong ball for my ball speed (13.8-14.5), so I added polish… love it! I might try it with 4000 plus polish… I normally use 5000pd and polish.

  8. Surface changing is huge. I was like you with absolutely hating my Dark Code. I hit it with a 500 then 2000 pad and rolled my first 300 with it a few days ago! Might have to do the same 4000 with my Reality next

  9. I love my pin down super nova. It was terrible at box finish though. Hooked way too early and was dead down lane. After hitting it with a 3000 and p5000d pad, it looks incredible.

    1. @Luis Napoles I’ve never understood what people mean when they say they don’t match up with a ball. Maybe I’m lucky, but I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a ball I didn’t like. I’ve thrown brunswick balls, Storm balls, even a few motiv balls. Granted, there have been balls that I like more than others (everyone who doesn’t have a cosmos needs one).

  10. I rarely use my UFO for any pattern now mainly because I think it burns up unless I’m bowling on 45ft+ heavy oil patterns.

  11. What about Proton Physix? Still available and I’ve heard a lot of love for that ball. Just throwing it out there

  12. I get stuck in that rut too where I can’t get the stupid thing right… It’s all in my head for sure, but I get in these stupid patterns where I’m throwing too straight or even Brooklyn… Glad it’s not just me. Also a huge fan of the Reality!

  13. I have the same layout on my reality. I love it. But i love the ball itself more. Going to get a pin up one too.

  14. What is your ball speed? I absolutely love my 900 reality but I took a 13 year sabbatical from bowling and got back in about 3.5 months ago and went from throwing between 13.5 – 15MPH to now 18 – 19.66 MPH😳 (without even noticing it up until a few weeks ago) needles to say it’s not hooking NEARLY as it was before at the high speed. My next goal is to find my PAP and probably lay it out different than I have it now. So it was a real blessing that your vid popped onto my reccomend vids cause I’m loving what I’m seeing from you up the oil at around that 15 arrow! Just wondering what your ball speed is would help?

  15. i really like the reality but i like most of your layouts like the 45×4 1/2×45. i never seen a reality on you chanel at 30×41/2×30. i would like to see you review a axiom i cant seem to your review on that ball.

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