Favorite balls over the last few months, there’s some good ones!

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23 Comments on “Favorite balls over the last few months, there’s some good ones!”

  1. RotoGrip RST-X1 and the Rubicon UC-2. Great combo. Next ball may be the Zen. I haven’t heard anything negative about it.

  2. Jackal Flash and Legacy, venom recoil, venom shock, fatal venom, purple tank, hydra, trident nemesis, the suprise for me was the forge fire with polish on it

  3. I’m liking the camping video vibe, it is a really fun summer change, but still incorporating a ton of bowling. Nice work.

  4. I am a big Swag fan!!!!! Since I have acquired the Jokers Wild and the Dynamite my average has went up by 20 pins!!!

  5. Running the widow 2.0 for main because of weight 14lb my carpel tunnel is beating me up with my 16lb optimus but love that snap back drive it has so on oil to medium both are awesome but I’m looking to replace the optimus with that same reaction the optimus has only 14lb though! But with both I average 201 for being 20 years out of bowling and getting back up to speed 👍 before dropping bowling I had 235 scratch but hey something I love is to bowl!!

  6. One thing I super appreciate is that you’re a non-staffer. We don’t need anymore Darren Tang types(who by the way I actually really like) telling us how super awesome fantabulous the latest Storm/Roto/900 ball is and you absolutely must get one. Keep up the awesome videos.

    My current 6 ball rotation is Zing! Solid, Authority Pearl, Hy-Road Max, The Closer Pearl, Anaconda, and Squatch Hybrid

    1. Your right that’s all I throw is Storm and about 15 and gave a few away because to be nice were not that great.🙂 Peace.

  7. Conspiracy Pearl. First ball out of my bag most of the time. Also really like the Incognito Pearl.

  8. Yup, IQ Tour for benchmark. I have also thrown the Ripcord Velocity, and for me (old man with low revs, about 15-16 mph), that thing is uber-versatile. I like the Global Aspect and original Parallax, for league. My combo for heavy oil is Track Proof Solid, followed by Radical Closer Pearl, which I got in a two-ball deal awhile back, for $80 each. Proof starts me out, then if there’s a lot of traffic, the Closer Pearl works on the same line where I threw the Proof Solid to start. I think the combo of the GB4, and the new GB Asym will be a good pair for just about anybody. The Asym has a low Intermediate Diff, so I don’t know why they call it Asym, when its Int Diff is about the same as the Radical Closer Pearl. Anyway, all that changes with drilling. Also, I like the prospect of pairing the Incognito and the Informer (another release this week). These should complement one another, with some solid kick at the pocket.
    All of mine are pin up. 190 average, so nothing great here. I love to bowl, and I enjoy being around bowlers. Old, young, good, bad, male, female, mean, sweet – makes no difference to me. I absolutely love it when somebody has a good throw, a good spare, or a good series. But I want to win. But only if it’s as much fun as all the times I’ve lost. Thanks for all the things you post, JR. BTW, for me, the Global Volatility hybrid is medium hook and very continuous motion on early, mid, and late. I’m talking about general ball motion, not continuation through the pin deck.

  9. Ever since I started throwing the Phaze II it’s been my favorite ball, it’s always something I know I can use if I’m lost. Also love my Proton PhysiX and my Zen, and I’m adding a Dark Code soon too so can’t wait to throw that one

    1. Nice also have the Proton Physix. My buddies have the Dark Code that ball moves. Axiom Pearl is sweet you might like it because you have the Zen (I have 2 😃). Pearls are awesome on house shots. Peace. 🙂

  10. I’ve been loving the original Results since it came out and now just picked up the Maximum Results and man I’m enjoying that. Had the front nine at the pba50 spectrum lanes pro am with it before throwing a terrible shot in the 10th to screw things up.

  11. I’ve been throwing the sauce (hammer), zen (900 global), and outlook pearl (clombia 300). And they progress in that order. Sauce first into zen and if a cleaner more controlled look is needed at the end of the night I get into the outlook for my league.

  12. Been really debating on getting a zen oh ripcord velocity. How long have you been throwing the zenith hybrid? Its not out yet is it?

  13. Over the last year I’ve been doing well with my Prism Warp Solid and GB3 Pearl combo. Probably going to pick up the Web Pearl soon to replace the GB3 pearl.

  14. Well, I have just recently gotten back to bowling after getting my shoulder reconstructed so to speak, completely torn labrum, frayed rotator cuff, and a bone spur. So the past seven months have been tough. I had three balls sitting undrilled back in the spring. Of those three two of them had made a big impact already. I have been subbing in a sports shot league and a couple weeks ago we bowled on the Carmen Salvino 44 pattern. During warm ups I found the Motiv Horizon had a good look and managed to bowl a solid 488 for the two game set. Last week we bowled on the Johnny Petraglia 46 pattern and I used my Jackal Scar (overseas ball) and shot a 290 the first game. I have always matched up with asym pieces and I can wait to see how these two do during my fall leagues.

  15. My favorites so far are the Reality, Redemption Solid, Vol. Torque, Zenny, and the RST. I will be adding the Zen Masters soon..

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