Fatal Venom vs Venom Shock | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have an in depth comparison between two titan of balls! The @bowlmotiv Fatal Venom and the Venom Shock! The Fatal is a TRUE pearl version of the Shock, Which is a VERY good thing!!

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45 Comments on “Fatal Venom vs Venom Shock | In Depth Comparison”

  1. I was at my city tournament shot 2000 for 9 games and I when Vip covert Revolt left lane Venom Shock and the covert tank on the right lane

  2. Don’t have a shock but you recommend me a recoil and I love that, and with 2 fatals on the way I’m pretty excited 😁

    1. So our “hockey stick” shape balls are the Supra Hydra Thrill and VIP. Any of those will create the motion you’re looking for

  3. Great, in depth comparison as always. Love the look of this fatal as it rolls. Most of the pearls, other brands that I have, don’t blend the wet/dry well and as a result, the over/under is crazy. This looks to be a move in the right direction for me

  4. Have mine already pre-ordered excited before seeing this video. After hearing u talk about it and see the video I am even more excited. Bowl on pretty dry lanes on Monday.

    1. This ball I think will be money on lighter volume shots on the fresh. Because it gets into a roll pretty early and still shapes a ton!

  5. I also have a shock also and love the motion it gives me. Love your videos as we are very similar in style and rev rate.

  6. Hey Luis, I will certainly be getting the Fatal Venom. I think it will really compliment my Shock. Can’t wait to try it out.

    1. Totally get that feeling !! But I show every shot no matter the result lol kinda sucks ending like that though 😂

  7. I have only had my Venom Shock for 5 weeks now. 3 weeks started using it only for league bowling, all 3 games. My average has increased by 14 pins in the 3 weeks. I am definitely thinking of the fatal.

  8. Watching your videos has made me order an Venom Shock. I love my Forge Fire but I want to try the Venom Shock.

    1. I mega appreciate that Derrick!! I upload every Sunday and Thursday! Then on Wednesday’s starting last week I’ll do a YouTube live session from the bowling center at 9:30 am pacific time

  9. Love your videos man u explain thi gs really well . im a 1 handed 2 finger left handed bowler do u think this is a good ball for me ..

    1. That’ll all depend on what you’re looking for. One of my teammates on Thursday’s nights in league is one handed no thumb and like to play them a little straighter and he loves his Shock. The fatal is going to be way more down lane. So it all depends on what you’re looking for you know. I wish I could be of more help!

  10. @MotivLou i got a question, the Shock isn’t available anymore over here (netherlands) would you consider the Fatal Venom a good alternative?

    1. You could do that yea just make sure that you knock the shine off. That or you can go with a ripcord flight. But prob the fatal with surface would be better

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