Fatal Venom vs Supra | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today Andrew and myself are comparing the @bowlmotiv Fatal Venom and the Supra! Both of these balls have the infamous cover of the Infusion Pearl but completely different cores!

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43 Comments on “Fatal Venom vs Supra | In Depth Comparison”

  1. Yes andrew is a great add to the review. Im a tweener with less revs than andrew but more than you. seeing both you throw the balls is tremendous help in seeing what it could be for me. Yes im going to play with the surface of my nemesis an supra, both tend to go a little too long before reacting. My plan is to have 12 ball aresenal. 2 tournament bags and 2 league bags. Heavy-med, Alpha, Ghost, flash along with Flare, fire and Nemesis tournament bags. Then league bags. Blitz, venom shock an VIP along with Fatal, Supra and Desert tank. If i can work the nemesis an supra with some surface then i think im set for my tournament play in january leading up to Nationals in late may! (Pandemic vaccine, please!!!).

  2. I purchased the Venom and I have the Supra too. I took my Supra down to 2k which slows it down downlane for me and makes it a more versatile piece. I love it’s ” stop and hook” motion and it allows me to play tighter angles if I need to.

  3. Great video, was wondering how the fatal compares to the hydra? I currently have a hydra and am trying to work out how different the fatal will be?

  4. man so nice to see the ball i roll the supra get comparison videos. now to work on release and setting down closer to foul line gg nice video brother

  5. Excellent video. I’ve got a low rev rate and the wrecker is one of my favorite balls and the Supra is reminding me of it.

  6. Your partner in this video is good. I like seeing both of y’all bowl because you can see what the ball does with a low rev rate and a high rev rate.

  7. On your other video I got my Venom, yesterday but I wanted to tell you I love my Supra? Why? It’s the core, I wish Motiv would use that core in more balls, what is the new ball taken Nemesis place going to be like?

  8. Wassup MotivLou. Another nice video.
    Congrats on re-upping with Motiv, you’ll do a great job!

    Man, I’m feelin the Supra, even though it’s more angular (i don’t like Sup(ra)er angular balls) than the Fatal; the Supra is probably going to be my next Motiv ball. I’ve stashed a VSP, so I’ll hold off on the Fatal. Keep it movin! THX FOR SHARING

  9. This is the first one of your videos I’ve watched and I love all of the breakdown you did on these 2 balls. Definitely going to go watch more of your videos. I’m thinking of trying some newer Motiv equipment. I haven’t drilled anything up since the Covert Revolt.

    1. Welcome to my channel !! The covert revolt was such a good ball like an all time great ball ! But the stuff we are pouring now is so good !

    2. @MotivLou I was talking to the rep in the Chicago area Joe Lichner yesterday about a few pieces and in the very near future I’ll drilling up a few new Motiv balls.

  10. LOL Andrews reaction to some of his shots are just hilarious to watch! Also nice to have a comparison of 2 different style bowlers

    1. He’s very passionate in his bowling! Yea I love having multiple styles on the channel because I know not everyone bowls like me

    1. @MotivLou I’m getting the Supra and getting the Trident Nemesis soon. It be cool to get your take on them and get an idea of when to use one over the other. Or is it worth having both?

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