Fatal Venom vs Jackal Flash | Two BEST Pearl Bowling Balls | In Depth Comparison

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What's Going on my YouTube fam?!? Today we have a comparison between the two best pearl bowling balls on the market!! The @bowlmotiv Fatal Venom and Jackal Flash both use the same base formula for the cover and two different cores! Both are AMAZING bowling balls!!

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47 Comments on “Fatal Venom vs Jackal Flash | Two BEST Pearl Bowling Balls | In Depth Comparison”

    1. Chico Beanie AKA Gio I can’t wait for you also to get yours, I’ve thrown nothing short of a 198 and higher, it is so easy but I’ve changed my boards to move 5 right normally I stand on 23(lefty) and running over the 3 arrow breaking & 10 and Bang, OMGOSH Dude the reaction is unbelievable.. good luck w/yours, let me know if you don’t mind when you get yours.roll on bud

  1. I’ve been bowling with storm/roto for years and I’m thinking about switching to motiv what Louis what three balls would you recommend for someone who has more speed but similar revs to you

    1. @Bobby Bushea what might be good for him where he plays might not be good fit someone who plays straighter

    2. @Willy Oppermann Jr you asked what three balls he recommended. So Im confused on the backlash just saying he posted a Vid on the three balls he feels should be in the arsenal.

  2. Lou, I’m calling it now, I want a Predator V2 core with the Flare cover. We can call it the Rabid Jackal!

  3. This may be a difficult question to answer this way, but here it goes.

    As someone who matches up really well with the Ghost, the Tank Blitz and the Hydra… do you think the Jackal Flash would be a good move? I dont know my actual rev rate but I can say I cover more boards typically throwing around 18.5 mph then virtually everyone else in my multiple leagues do at around 14 or 15

    1. This is a very hard question to answer yes BUT you matching up with the Ghost and the Hydra leads me to believe you like the angular shapes. So the Flash for me would be as long as the hydra but more shape down lane than the ghost still covering a similar amount of boards though. On my channel I have a video comparing the Ghost and the Flash. While our games might be different you can still get a good idea of what the balls are doing for me on the lane! I really hope this helps you!

    2. @MotivLou yeah, it makes sense.

      I just never really see any events in my area to demo Motiv equipment. I’ve been throwing exclusively Motiv for like a year or so and nobody in Illinois seems to deal with them at all, so my only way to go is just buy and pray. The Flash has always seemed like it would be a decent fit though so I thought I would ask.

      I am actually trying to spread the “Gospel” about Motiv in my area though so hopefully some things can change. I’m hoping to be an ambassador of some sort one of these days. Not sure how to really get that into motion though 🤷‍♂️

    3. @David Hartman there’s an application online. If I was you I would look on the motiv website and under the regional team tab look in your state to see how’s the staffer in that area. Reach out to them to see about a test drive

  4. I love your videos Lou & you know this. After working with Both of them for the last week.. I took a 2000true grit to both and it worked great for me.. was wondering between the venom & the blitz they both have the same core & covers can be polished or sanded! What do you think these two are up for a competition soon??
    I’ve sanded my blitz and I’ve polished it, They both out do the Supra but I love the Supra also.. but since this venom has come out? My shock has been out of the bag lol. Good luck and maybe we can see the Venom & blitz one day

  5. Hey Luis, just an idea for future videos…

    I’m watching you and Andrew throw these two pearls here, and honestly, I really don’t see a ton of difference. On paper, you’d think the Jackal would create a lot more shape and rev up a lot sooner, but it really doesn’t show in videos like this.

    If your goal is to do a true comparison of two balls, it might make more sense to intentionally throw both balls over the same spot and show how they react differently, even if that means you’re intentionally leaving flat corners or going through the nose of the deck.

    I think that would help you viewers make better decisions as well. I know you’re a big fan of both of these balls, but after watching your video, I don’t feel like it matters which one I pick up because I haven’t learned which one is better for what.

    Just to be clear, I KNOW the difference between the two, I’m not asking for clarification. I just wanted to give you some food for thought for future videos from a viewers perspective.

    Keep up all the hard work man! You’re doing great!

    1. That definitely can be an idea that I can incorporate into future videos for sure! In re watching this video yea they are very similar which is why I called the fatal a mini version of the Flash but Andrew and myself still had them 3-4 boards different. Also since we are on a house shot the similarities aren’t gonna be as pronounced. I’m working on some patterns videos where the fatal and the flash are gonna be featured as well with some other balls. The differences there will def be larger. Thanks for the GREAT feedback! 😀

  6. I have both the flash and fatal I love the fact that I can go straighter up the boards or swing the venom super controllable

  7. I bought a Jackal Flash last week. It bowls like a dream. I retired my 2011 Black Widow Nasty, which was a hard thing to do as that ball has been amazing for me for many years, but finally died. I went back and forth between the Jackal Flash and the Hammer Redemption for a few weeks before ultimately deciding on the Flash. I’ve bowled 4 games with it so far and the ball has a lot of hitting power while still being able to stay up down the lane when playing the dry.

    1. I was a big fan of the Nasty back in the day! I’ve been super impressed with the performance of my jackal flash since first drilling it 4 months ago!

  8. Slow speed (12ish mph) low rev (not sure actual number I’ve been told 250-300) bowler here, would either of these be a good pick for me for house shots?

    1. Because of the lower revrate I would lean more towards the Jackal Flash for you. I have a higher rev rate that you but still pretty low and I match up way better to the Flash!

  9. @ MotivLou Which one would you recommend if either one? I have slower ball speed like 13 mph ishh. Lower to mid revs I would say. And like playing more up the boards too middle of the lane. Don’t like to swing it. Do not want something that hooks like crazy. Never thrown a pearl, mainly hybrids. Hustle HSB and old Dv8 Marauder Mutiny are my best balls. Have the phase 2 and Phase 3 and both move wayyyy to much for me to use. Looking to get something on the lower diff side like my Hustle HSB .30 14pounds.

    1. If that’s the case then I would go with the Fatal Venom as its the weaker of the two balls. The Flash would be stronger than both the Phaze 2 and Phaze 3

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