EYE OPENER! Comparing The Roto Grip Exotic Gem & RST X2

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Comparing The Roto Grip Exotic Gem & RST X2 was an eye opener for sure! These two bowling balls are night and day when it comes to ball reaction!

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55 Comments on “EYE OPENER! Comparing The Roto Grip Exotic Gem & RST X2”

    1. It’s a house shot, everything kinda looks the same. “Stronger” is also FRONT TO BACK, NOT side to side. The gem rolls sooo much easier than the X2, therefore is stronger. This fact will be amplified of bowling on a long sport shot. The GEM has both a significantly lower RG and a much stronger cover. The X2 is much cleaner and will SHAPE more down lane. Shape and strength are NOT the same. Think this is a common misunderstanding. In part because there are some people making YouTube videos who shouldn’t be. Luis is not in that category. Luckily there isn’t as much bad info about strength vs. shape these days.

  1. The last asym pearl I got was the Dark Code, and that ball is sooooo good. I dont think ill ever need another 😎

  2. That last bit about “ball strength” that was the best I’ve ever heard anyone describe it that topic confuses the hell out of me but now it seems to make more sense because I’ve always thought a “strong” ball was just going to hook more and a “weak” ball was going to hook less but now I understand a little better.

    1. Remember you can get all the balls to hook if that’s all you’re after. Get a proton and slow hook it. That thing will come back from any bad shot lol

    1. I like them all because each guy has a different perspective Lou is closer REV wise to us league bowlers in my opinion, the guy he often does videos with is up there Rev wise with PBA guys so it’s interesting to see them both play the house shot and see how differently they throw the different balls they are reviewing Thumbs UP to all 🙂

    2. @Luis Napoles The difference Lou is Daren’s channel is mostly a fan fave “entertainment” channel which is fine, but your channel is a “teaching” channel where we get to learn about how the different balls perform on different patterns and you also throw fun into the mix and most importantly, we can “see” what you are doing with “good quality video” that is not jumping around like a 90’s MTV video.

  3. I feel like the RST X-2 having such a high diff and higher RG is what makes that ridiculously angular. It’s such a clean cover, but also doesn’t read as early so of course that’s your move left ball. Imo, it’s finding that ball in the middle of these two that’s the $ maker. 😂😂

  4. Chris release have way more of a high rep. He should different play angles.. sum shots farther left & sum mid right..

    1. @Chris Stones you most definitely can play where you most comfortable at. But if you visualize the lanes before your release can also help you with them high scores

    1. @Chris Stones It slowly became my opening ball during league when the Cosmos just wouldn’t react down lane enough for my taste. Put the Night Road out just enough, and you’re almost guaranteed to have it come back flush.

  5. This was a great Video for me, So I came into this season using the X2 which was a replacement for my Trend 2. I’m using it on the Fresh and im struggling Mightly. My Carry on the 10 pin or 7 pin has been horrible. So this Exotic Gem has been on my mind as my next purchase and you saying I might be better with the Exotic first on the fresh then transitioning into the X2 makes me even more eager for this release. League is like week 13 or so and I’m off to my worst start in 10 years. I have the Hustke USA, Soon as it hits the friction it takes off. I e changed the surface of my Nova to everything currently I have it at 4000 polished but like the USA in the oil it quits, hit the friction and it takes off. I’ve been totally lost this entire league season. But I’m thinking the Exotic might need to be the next purchase. Thanks for the comparison for me it was Great.

  6. Happy Holidays as well to you both!! I just got my Exotic Gem, only used it for 2 games in league but did score over 200 for both. In both cases I did not use it early but in the last game of the set

  7. I just received a exotic gem for Christmas, I’m afraid to drill it. I have a widow ghost and it may as well be plastic, the ball will not hook at all!

    1. @Luis Napoles I used a old crux tonight and shot 700, think the ball just isn’t drilled right for my liking. Keep doing the awesome reviews!

  8. I have both of these balls. I have not touched either of them with any surface, so my X-2 is 4k fast with lane shine (probably 30-50 games so far), and the exotic has reactagloss with like 2-3 games on it. The layout is almost identical–I don’t remember the numbers, but it’s a strong pin with the mb next to the thumb.

    What I’ve found so far is that the exotic needs a bit of dry to get through the hook phase (likely the shiny surface causing that). It seems to have a smooth reaction, and could definitely see it being very strong if I gave it a little surface. As it stands, I can use the exotic as a step down from my gem solid once the lanes start to transition. Lately I’ve been using the X-2 on the fresh whenever my strong stuff is too sluggish. The X-2 can also work as a step down from a stronger ball if conditions are a bit slick.

    I’ve had two league nights with the exotic so far–I tried it on the fresh the first night, but found it was hooking a bit too late, so I switched into the X-2 for the rest of the night, and found some success. The second night I started in the X-2 which worked great, then it started overhooking. I tried moving left, but I caught a wet patch near the breakpoint, and it skidded out, so I tried the exotic and was able to get around the wet spot just fine.

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