7 Comments on “*EXCLUSIVE BIGFOOT INTERVIEW!* – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Why would Radical make a ball that utilizes a thumb hole when a huge part and growing of the bowling community doesn’t use a thumb anymore?

    Will there be a follow up on how 2 handers/no thumb bowlers can utilize this new technology?

  2. All balls are hard. Well they are supposed to be. This is classic! Love the angle. No pin intended.

  3. this is a little suspect but ill give you benefit of the doubt, go watch Alone with bigfoot or Kiamichi Beast expedition, on tubitv. Mr bigfoot there hasn’t see the movie he was in yet.

  4. 1:00 – Sorry Storm… this 10 seconds talking to Mr. Foot about a bowling ball is FAR MORE impressive than your videos of you proving you know how to use a durometer and you’re aware of how to manipulate them to suit our needs. I mean, that was the point of those, right?!

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