Evoke by Motiv bowling | Full Uncut review with JR Raymond

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29 Comments on “Evoke by Motiv bowling | Full Uncut review with JR Raymond”

    1. @@Lowns_300 never said it wasn’t. I was basically giving JR a tip even though it might had been worded the wrong way 😏

  1. You said at the end that it is likely better for straight up, but threw only shots that tried to stay in the middle of the lane. I would love to see this ball with a higher speed and standing about 10 boards right of where you were. May not be your style or comfortable spot, but I would love to see how the ball does in that area. Another awesome video!

  2. I love your videos JR, but I think if you added a typical league bowler, 14-16 mph @ 300 revs would give us a different look for our next ball purchase.

  3. Voice actresses Tara Strong, Cathy Cavadini, and E.G. Daily might be interested in this bowling ball…it bears the colors of a particular cartoon they worked on in the 90s.

  4. Seems like a lot of reviews use 5 inch pins but I haven’t found a place online or our local pro shop that can get them. Any ideas?

    1. When he says it’s a 5″ pins he’s not talking about the undrilled pin to CG distance quoted on the box. He means the layout he chose has a 5″ pin to PAP distance, which is entirely at the bowler’s/driller’s discretion. They’re two different things… you can drill a 5″pin to PAP on any ball in the universe.

  5. To me this video and top dog were not very different from 3.0 just camera angle. I think 3.0 had a much better angle. In fact, the only review I’ve been a little disappointed with, was the BW 2.0 because it was on some lanes that were so beat up you could easily see the burn and the 2.0 is so solid, it was still able to deal with the lane and strike a good bit. And JR said he was going to redo that ball review a week later bc the lane had just been rode hard and hung up wet, but never did get the rain check review 😢

  6. Your explanation of terms is extremely helpful. I’m a 160 bowler who’s been trying to step up my game, and have been devouring a ton of YT bowling content (including all of your reviews!). It’s fun using context clues to pick up what all the jargon that people use might mean, but at a certain point it becomes a barrier to me understanding what’s even being said. No one will ever make a video that pleases every crowd, but you’re helping grow the game in a small way by making it more accessible to a wider audience with those explanations sprinkled in. Thanks!

  7. Do you do any one on one training? My daughter just started bowling for her high school seems to be really taking to it and really enjoys it. So I’ve been looking a personal coach for her.

  8. Worst part of catching one 100% is you might go high because you’re lined up for 90%… Always have to laugh when I catch one good because I KNOW I’m in trouble lol

  9. Question. What’s to prevent the PBA from running a tournament where you’re limited in the amount of equipment you can bring (say, 3 balls) but can change the surface at any time during competition? Maybe there’s a good reason, it just sounds like it’d be really interesting to watch on BowlTV.

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