11 Comments on “Episode 21 – PAL Layout system for Two Handers”

  1. Next time, could probably use a comparison of PAL to 2LS using the same layout numbers and same PAP to see if there is a difference.

  2. If I tried to order a ball online and tell them I want a 5×1 and my pap will this be all the info they need?

    1. I would specify that it is 5×1 PAL. Remember that the symms only have 2 numbers in the layouts and the asymm layouts are 3 numbers like 5x5x1 PAL.

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  4. The symmetric orientation steps is just to get the cg near the holes for legality purposes. (This is Mikey, just on my alt account)

  5. I appreciate the coverage! The key difference between PAL and 2LS is that every layout of PAL will work for every PAP. There are no exceptions because of how the system is geometrically designed. The pin will never go past the VAL with the prescribed layouts and there is no need to use a trig chart.

  6. I also appreciate that you talked about how we can achieve different shapes with PAL, and that’s the whole point of having different layouts. Love ya Rob.

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  8. I agree, getting pro-shops to use this is going to be difficult. My own local pro shop is pretty much refusing to use it with anyone but me.

    I have started drilling my own gear at a local bowling center and using this system and I can definitively say that the PAL layouts work wonders for me and my game. Now that I’ve started competing on the PBA these layouts are going to help a bunch.

    Once you lay a few balls out, the PAL system is very simple to use even with a prosect. I did two new balls yesterday and it only took me about 1 minute or so to lay each one out.

  9. Also just a heads up, it appears that You missed a step. after creating all of the arcs, the first line goes from the PAP intersect, tangent to the pin above the rf arc.

    The midline goes from the vertical axis arc tangent, intersecting the rf line, minus 1/2 an inch from the over pap measurement. This intersection is where the ring finger will be centered.

    Essentially the end result should be a triangle that really connects three points.

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