Envy tour pearl by Hammer | Full review with JR Raymond

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19 Comments on “Envy tour pearl by Hammer | Full review with JR Raymond”

  1. That’s cool to see i have one very similar layout and it did the exact same thing going straighter, it sits there then it just makes it’s move. Still want to play around with it more and see what i can get it to do and I thought the same thing about putting a little surface on it to see if it would make it turn a little slower.

  2. I don’t like your new layout. If you want smooth early read and a bit less downlane motion (but still continuous), try a pin-down with the PAP inverted. If you’re over 4 1/2 and up 1, use 4 1/2 over and down 1 as your PAP for the drilling, and drill something strong. I use 4x4x2. You won’t know until you try.

    1. pin-down with the PAP inverted – could you please explain the “PAP inverted”? I wish to try …

    2. Adjusting the layout will only do a little with a ball like this. A different layout will not make the ball read any sooner. It will still get to the same spot downlane. A surface adjustment would be the best thing to get those results

    3. @RebelKicks1247 agree with you. surface changes give more immediate changes to the shape of a ball on the lane.

  3. I been watching you a couple years now, big difference with your new fit and approach, paired with your new layout. It’s a huge difference not sure if it’s good or bad for the review videos that is.
    If it’s better in tournaments then keep doing it.
    Can you try a pin in your palm on an Asymmetrical ball? The biggest strongest core you can find. Encore One is a pick!

  4. I was really looking forward to this review and this looks like a really good replacement for my Radical Bonus Pearl. Similar back end reaction to my eye. Thanks JR! Love it!

  5. Really curious to see what it would do if you hit it with a 2000 pad. Obviously it would make the ball read sooner but the question would be how much would it lose on the backend if any.

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