Electrify Solid | 5 Ways

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✔️0:00 Intro
✔️0:09​ Lindsay Boomershine
✔️0:41​ Chayton Petersen
✔️1:11​ Kendle Miles
✔️1:38 Steve Kloempken
✔️2:07 Jesper Svensson

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Lindsay Boomershine:
Chayton Petersen:
Kendle Miles:
Steve Kloempken:
Jesper Svensson:

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15 Comments on “Electrify Solid | 5 Ways”

  1. My reactive arsenal is
    Electrify Hybrid
    Parallax Effect
    Astro Physix
    Now I’m torn between adding the Dark Code and the Electrify Solid.
    I’m about a 175 avg bowler.
    12-14mph. Maybe 300rpm. Varies by ball.

    1. neither honestly, pick up something that wont overlap the balls you have. Get a phaze 2 or idol synergy. Some of the greatest balls ever made. Maybe even wait for the trend 2

  2. What can someone tell me about me as a bowler if I told you my layout is 5 X 5/8 X 1
    I’m curious if that tells a PSO what type of bowler I am or gives them useful information?

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