Electrify BSY Is A NEW Bang For Your Buck Bowling Ball!

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Blowing balls can be quite expensive! Sometimes we want a bowling ball with great value! Thats where this Electrify BSY comes in! Absolute bang for your buck!

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25 Comments on “Electrify BSY Is A NEW Bang For Your Buck Bowling Ball!”

  1. I understand why you say its a little weaker here. I don’t think it’ll fit in my arsenal but I know many who can make this shine.
    I’m colorblind personally lol so I don’t have the same experience but I can still see the lighter and darker shades and it really helps me understand ball motion better

  2. My budget balls or weaker balls are the Hyped Pearl and Hustle Camo. Love the Camo!

    On another note, I’m bowling there in August for the Military Tournament. What balls would you recommend for the Arena and regular lanes there?

  3. These weaker balls usually play better if you dont get too far away from the pocket. They are really sensitive to that friction on the outside

  4. I just bought the g-o and if I had known about this color I’d have done that for sure. Not a huge fan of mine so far but trying to make it work for now

  5. Weaker ball? Hyped Pearl for me. Got lucky choosing it. I’m sure there are other good ones, but this ball works well with my game.

  6. Revenant vs idol cosmos?
    What should I buy as my first ball, I’m a little confused 😕

  7. How much has your baseline speed increased since working on things with your off hand?

  8. This is off-topic, kinda. Could you do a video showing a comparison between Twister Pins and typical Wood Pins, please? I think that would be good info to know as bowlers. Thanks!

  9. assuming the local storm distributor finally receives something else this year, this is most likely what i’m getting for my next ball. a swirly low diff ball that just happens to be the same colours as my spare ball (ebonite captain sting)

    that’s assuming we finally receive anything later than an absolute. hurray Australia

  10. Lou, your arm swing is so much better now and overall your mechanics have greatly improved. I like what I am seeing.

  11. I bought a couple of weeker balls because I am bowling 2-handed now and my ball speed went from 17 to 18 down to 15 to 16
    I have a tropical surge that’s green and charcoal pearl probably polished. I’m not sure it’s pretty shiny.
    Anyway, it has so much hook on the lane. I can’t imagine how it’s possible from such a weak view cover combo.
    I got my highest score as a 2 handed with it on my first time using it.

    Sometimes the weaker balls are the better choice.

    I’ll still grab 900 Global boost and after dark trying these out over

    1. @Luis Napoles I was Really low expectations. The weaker pearl cover gives an exaggerated response to friction I suppose, but even in the oil it was still responding.
      I asked the guy at the front desk how old the lanes were. He says I was the first one to bowling them.
      I’m still not sure. I believe that though

  12. Have you thought about comparing the Electrify B/S/Y with the Track Sensor. I’ve seen both balls reviewed but not thrown with same layout and lane conditions. Is there a reason why?

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