EJ Tackett with his new VIP ExJ Sigma!

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Prepare to be blown away by the newest limited-edition release from MOTIV, the VIP ExJ Sigma! Collaborating with Triple Crown winner EJ Tackett, this special ball features a pearl cover wrapped around EJ’s favorite core, the Sigma core. This core, handpicked by EJ himself, boasts an unparalleled compact design that delivers easy revs. Coupled with Dynamic Infusion Pearl Reactive cover stock technology, this fast revving, medium oil pearl is as versatile and dynamic as the bowler whose name it carries.


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19 Comments on “EJ Tackett with his new VIP ExJ Sigma!”

  1. So close, yet so far from getting in my Preorder of this ball. Love my EXJ VIP, and this one looks like it be a really good step between the two previous VIP balls.

  2. Saw the specs, preordered right away. I reqlly liked what I saw out of the Sky Raptor cover because it was fast downlane, but didn’t miss the middle of the lane. With a slightly weaker core, this one is going to be in play a lot.

  3. I can finally let my rogue blade take a rest… I NEVER got along with the detonator core. Happy to see this back in the line!

  4. Cool tech bowling bowling ball motiv vip exJ bowling ball with nano technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time too ok

  5. Got to watch some Motiv staffers who have much more “normal” numbers rev and speed wise throw this ball. Looks really good but don’t let the pearl cover fool you. It has teeth.

  6. cool tech bowling bowling ball motiv vip exj bowling ball with sigma core in bowling ball 300 ej tackett bowling cool

  7. How does it compare to the ripcord. Is it too close of reaction or can they compliment each other?

    1. not as clean or angular as the Ripcord Launch. The Sigma core definitely blends the lane a bit more. So it’s a bit stronger and a touch smoother.

  8. I have been drilling a lot of Motiv equipment lately. I have Raptor, is this ball different enough to have both. Numbers are very close and they both have the same cover.

    1. this ball is definitely quite different from the Sky Raptor. It’s not as strong overall but it is a bit smoother on the backend. It would be a great complement.

  9. ive just started 2 handed and want to try out motiv but i just cant see myself coughing up money for bowling balls again🥲a man can dream

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