11 Comments on “EJ Tackett | US Open Day 2”

  1. If E.J. or Motiv could reply please: If you had to sum it up, how would you quantify the overall shape/character of Motiv balls compared to Storm, Brunswick, Ebonite?

    1. that’s a tough question… Our goal has always been to create the most well-rounded line across a single brand. We aim to offer a super smooth and early rolling ball (like the Jackal Ambush and Carbide Tank) and also balls that are extremely clean and angular (Sky Raptor and Ripcord Launch). So we don’t want to be known as the “angular brand” or the “smooth brand”. We try to offer all of those motions!

    2. I have used several motiv balls and I have to say if you want a arsenal all from one brand that can span all the gaps I would say motiv would be my go too brand. They have pieces for every situation that you can run into. There venom shock is still the best ball I have ever used it can be drilled to give you so many different options as far as a general league shot.

  2. I am a two handed bowler now at the age of 60 made the change about a year ago EJ is still one of my top favorites top 5 if not top 3.
    I wish him the best of luck all season.

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