1. Nice seeing you up and about. I’m a cranker but can’t throw it as hard as I used too. But the ball motion of The Remix is pretty close to what I remember of the original. Definitely not the strongest piece in the bag but it is versatile. Wouldn’t be a bad benchmark for me if the Envision wasn’t so sick for me. However the Remix is cleaner with a little more pop.

    1. Thanks bro. Yeah and I think if I was at a different center with more hold it would be perfect. But my house has volume so need to hit it with surface and also change the thumb. I use mold system and have a ball Mo Pinel drilled for me before he passed on. His thumb work was so good.

    2. @Bowlers Rant the only person that comes close for me is Rich Jacobson out in NY. But overall very solid benchmark solid asym with this release. I’m not dissapointed.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling ball ebonite the one remix with Dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time

  3. BEANS!!! I’m late to this party…but go on with your bad self bro!!!
    Just for kicks, I used SPI’s chart rev/ball speed axis matrix to find revs…I was not only humbled but don’t think I could crack a 240 egg! I really like seeing you throw…doesn’t have to be pretty—just effective!!!

  4. I throw that ball on a 44′ 48′ brush drop big ben v2 pattern, 3.5 pin seems forgiving to me playing ball around 7 at 18 mph, different bowlers different styles, I find it a good starting ball and as carry down occurs I transition to a radical crypto to finish a series… crypto likes the carry down crypto 4″

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