Ebonite The ONE Remix | First 10 w/ Tommy Jones

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From the drill press to the lanes, this is the First 10 frames with Tommy Jones using The ONE Remix.

The ONE Remix is available on 09.23.2022!

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19 Comments on “Ebonite The ONE Remix | First 10 w/ Tommy Jones”

  1. The One was such a great ball and I still have the original. Definitely will be giving this a try. I’d love to see you guys remake other pieces from back then, because that era of equipment had so many good balls. If you guys ever remade the original Game Breaker, I’d probably buy out your entire supply lmao.

    1. The Game Breaker was really good but arguably the best ball Ebonite made was the Tidal Wave Wipeout. Bowling this month reviewed that ball and said “we had three boards of area with this ball and all three boards had an arrow on them”

    2. @patrick cook I also still use my original Game Breaker to this day it’s in great shape. I absolutely love it. The newer ones are good too, but there’s something special about that one. Super versatile and I can use it on almost anything. I actually never had the Tidal Wave Wipeout. There was a pearl version of it too right?

  2. I still have my grandfathers Big One..
    The ball is smooth…Please advise.
    Would you recommend this on long oil conditioner pattern on the lane?

    1. The Centrex core, new GB formulation, and polished cover will be an excellent match for medium to heavy oil patterns.

  3. I bought the original in 2006 at nationals and just absolutely love the ball, been looking for the original since mine split in half, I think I just found it cant wait !!!!!

  4. The one (no pun intended) thing I find interesting with EBI and now BoB is how here in the US they have routinely brought back balls as if it’s an update to the original, whereas with the OEMs or overseas distributors, they never ended the series. The One series has had at least 1-3 releases in Japan since they stopped making them for the US. Same with the Black Widow series. Glad to see that the overseas market lead the way on this, as this brought back 2 series of balls that were sellers that quite honestly never should have left the US market.

    That said, This ball looks good, as long as it reacts it comes off the spot. When it continued through the pins, the ball looked great. But when it started to roll out, you could see where it lost energy as it went through the deck, so one has to know when to make the move off that. But it was definitely smooth and clean through the heads and the mids, which is what made this ball great to begin with.

  5. Can anyone tell me why Tommy Jones has a white band around the ring finger of his throwing hand?
    Is that a feel thing so he knows where his ring finger is throughout the course of his swing?

  6. My first ball was the one pearl, and it’s not even listed on ebonites site now. Wish I still had that ball

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