Ebonite Polaris Ball Review by Luis Napoles | The Next Great Asymm Solid?

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The Ebonite Polaris is the newest asymmetrical solid added to the line up! This one at least at first glance seems special with how it shapes! Will it keep that up? Only time will tell!

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5 Comments on “Ebonite Polaris Ball Review by Luis Napoles | The Next Great Asymm Solid?”

    1. So I picked up the Midnight blue and will be reviewing that one next! That video goes live on Thursday!

    2. @Luis Napoles cool dude I have the melee jab blood red it’s really good bowling ball and just let you know the guy I get my balls drilled he said the midnight blue little bit stronger than the melee jab blood red

  1. I know it would be a bit expensive but maybe show comparison between balls with the same profile (middle end/pearl). Kinda like a tier list for certain type of ball.

  2. It was a beast over the weekend on my modified tournament shot. My mistake was not trusting it when I went left. It can definitely go that way…

    Oh yeah I still got the Playmaker.

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