1. @Gustavo Rueda it depends, there’s no best answer. Mo Pinel always said to do short pin on big asymms.
      For myself, I’ve preferred short pin layouts on mid level asymms (Proofs, Tactix, Rubicon, etc) I like a little more length through the front due to my low tilt, I can always add more surface if needed.

    2. @R B thanks @R B, I’ve been flirting with using a short pin lay out and I was thinking the Polaris would be a good choice considering the block. Thanks.

  1. 10 total shots half the shots bad no indication if they missed there target or the ball was to strong due to no comintary , 2 diffrent bowlers that are almost the same (why),one weird drilling one regular drilling (why), rock paper scissors (cring worthy) and a comment that says hey maybe change surface. This ball review is hot garbage again is it that hard to do a ball review like luis noples, luke rosdahl, or jr proshop throw the ball in zones describe what your seeing during the throws, compare to other know equipment I mean thrown the GB4 show the diffrence.. Telling me its a strong asym is somthing i could find out on there website.. Also when the second bowler said he noticed it was continues his ball defelected and almost took out the ten pin,

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