DV8 Hater Bowling Ball Review By Jordan Katz!

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Today Jordan is reviewing the all new DV8 Hater! This bowling ball is very strong and produces a ton of shape!

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16 Comments on “DV8 Hater Bowling Ball Review By Jordan Katz!”

  1. Enjoyed it not a left handed player but interesting to watch from the other side. Bowl well done tonight and help that Luis guy bowl better😄😄

    1. Scotty Thompson needs to get the DV8 Hater to bowl more strikes and more spares at a time with the DV8 Hater bowling bowling ball, then he can make a cool video and talk tech about the DV8 Hater bowling bowling ball with nano technology for more spares and strikes at a time …….

    2. @@ibpsupplyman I like my bowling ball Brunswick igniter solid 14 pounds bowling ball and radical the spy plastic 14 pounds bowling ball

  2. Your haircut looks so good Jordan! 😎
    You must have a great stylist

    Ohhhh and you make that ball look great!

  3. Cool review Jordan. I like seeing the lefty perspective. Great job Luis! You will be able to add a different dimension to your content on this channel with Jordan since he isn’t on staff with any one brand. 3:41 I was waiting for that pop drop! When the thumb pops, those pins drop!

  4. Nice collaboration, glad to see a 1 handed lefty. Definitely impressed with the DV8 ball.

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