DV8 Chill | Release Video

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DV8 is the most chill brand in bowling… easy going, has great colors, and excellent performance in a laid-back way.

The new DV8 Chill is a solid symmetric, with cool colors and, honestly, a less than chill backend reaction. The Chill follows the Diamond Diva, using the same Diva 2.0 core and Inciter Max Flip Solid. The core, cover, and smooth 3000-grit Siaair finish make the Chill an excellent benchmark ball that will be used on a wide range of conditions.

The DV8 Chill is available starting 06.22.2023!

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14 Comments on “DV8 Chill | Release Video”

  1. I wonder what’s the difference is to then the diamond diva? Besides, one is a hybrid, and this one is a solid. Same cover, same core unless you’re discontinuing the diva.

    1. Same as the difference between any solid and hybrid with the same core and cover.

      The idea with the Chill and Diva is no different than the idea behind any other 2 ball combo on the market one that will handle the fresh and a step down when the lanes transition.

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling ball dv8 chill bowling ball with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time

  3. Why do you have a release video with a bowler throwing it in a way that very few bowlers can? It would be helpful to have someone with less than 1000 revs. I am interested in this ball for sure….love the Diamond Diva.

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