DV8 Brutal Collision | Release Video

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The Collision was many players’ go-to ball when they needed an
asymmetric ball that moved on the backend. The Brutal Collision is a
fantastic follow-up and uses an even stronger reacting base cover,
HyperKinetic22. Adding HK22 to the Collision core and a polished, solid cover creates even more hook and a devastating backend reaction.

Check out Packy Hanrahan with his review of the Brutal Collision!

Get yours starting 12/02/2022.

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25 Comments on “DV8 Brutal Collision | Release Video”

  1. Packy you funny
    “If you’re a high rev low speed bowler like myself, or a low speed high rev,” this ball is for you 😆
    But it does look good 👍👍👍

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball dv8 brutal collision with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time cool that packy using that using that bowling ball

  3. When u reach 90k I hope I win and hope this ball is an option if u get an option either way I think this will be my next ball

  4. But he’s a lefty , left side of the lane always hooks no matter what ball you throw . I bowl with both hands I know!

  5. Hahaha it’s “high rev low speed or high speed low rev” Packy 🤣. But what a beautiful ball! I’ve watched your 30 sec review on this ball and you said this ball will be in your tournament bags. I might get one for myself as well 😁

  6. DV8 is a two handed bowlers brand. For maximum results you need 2 hands, lots of revs and high speed. I wouldn’t recommend this brand for older one handed bowlers
    I think low speed for him is anything under 19mph

    1. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. I throw dv8 without issue one handed. Went from a hell raiser revenge to a hellcat, and love both of them so much, the e revenge is on display anymore

  7. Okay, it’s not just me, everyone else heard it too. I think I replayed 0:33-0:41 like 5 or 6 times to verify I heard Packy correctly. Also, looks like he is throwing on a short oil pattern to kind of showcase the ball a little more too.

  8. Packy I see that at end of video you putting the collision in your bag you’ve got a DV8 Diva? I thought I was a few among the rest to have the Diva. Great ball

  9. If you make that sharper off the spot you would have the brutal nightmare from back in the day

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