DV8 BRUTAL COLLISION Bowling Ball Review By Lane Side Reviews

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We were lucky enough to receive a new #BRUTALCOLLISION from #DV8. We put it through its paces on the THS (Typical House Shot) and have brought the results to you! #BRUTAL #COLLISION #LaneSideReviews #TeamLSR

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0:04 – Intro
0:18 – Old Guy Wayne
4:44 – Nicholas "SCOOPS" Porter
8:53 – The Bearded Beast" Rob Johnson
13:36 – Data Sheet
13:51 – Credits

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30 Comments on “DV8 BRUTAL COLLISION Bowling Ball Review By Lane Side Reviews”

  1. Just tell the guy on the lane to your left “s’cuse me I gotta get this ball out there. Gotta borrow your lane. Watch this” lol

  2. looks like a competitor with the gem. I ended up having to go with a 5-inch pin to avoid my ring finger being too close to the pin and it’s just too smooth and feels like a urethane ball. This ball seems like the perfect piece to be able to drill with a 4 1/2-inch pin assuming it’s got the dot technology aka pin on the bottom side of the ball. plus, its Brunswick. I like being able to build an arsenal with one brand.

    1. its dependent on your style. Theres two different types of speed dominant players… lower speed lower rev rate or higher speed lower rev rate both of which would be considered speed dominant. for me being higher speed lower rev rate i find myself having the ball blow through the break point. These stronger asyms will allow me to throw normal and not worry about the ball not picking up

    2. No not really. I’m personally would never move that far cause possibly the ball is going to come back in and just blow out the right side. Unless you fill the ball with a high surface (I.e. a 2000 pad for so) that’s not really going to end well

  3. Cool video talk to tech bowling bowling ball dv8 brutal collision with dot technology drill anywhere technology and dynamic core technology in the bowling ball more strike hitting power at time lanes side review rob Johnson and Nick scoops and Wayne

  4. Yes!!! I was looking forward to you guys reviewing this ball and I see I was not disappointed. Going to look good on the left!

  5. When you left the 1,2,4, 10 it had nothing to do with the ball it was bowler error you got on side of the ball instead of staying under it, Awesome video

  6. Curious to know why Rob chooses a 3” pin. I may be wrong but isn’t there a no no zone Mo Pinel talked about right around the 3” area?

    1. For most players you are 100% correct. However, when you are dealing with low tilt the rules change slightly. For low tilt bowlers, especially with more forward roll, pin distances longer than 5 in are the no no. Pin distances of 2 in to 4 and 1/2 in offer the best ball motion options. As a side note, I have found that if you take a longer pin distance for a REV dominant bowler and need to convert it for a low tilt rev dominant bowler you can simply “-2″ to the pin to Pap distance and it will give you the desired ball motion. Ei: 5 1/4″ would become 3 1/4”.
      To keep it less technical, it had to do with the amount of tilt the ball needs to lose to roll. Low tilt bowlers don’t need the help, and in a lot of cases retaining tilt is more beneficial (pin to pap distances 1 3/4″ to 3″).

    2. @Lane Side Reviews you described this very well. It took me like three times to get it into my head. I’m no expert, just one of those who actually gets into the numbers and layouts. I had to really sit back and think on this. I did not know low tilt bowlers would be able to utilize those pin to pap distances. It’s good to know though!

    1. This ball is MUCH stronger, and has more total motion. The Verge Solid is really smooth.

  7. If I was to knock off the compound what pad would I use to get it read just a bit earlier? I didn’t know if you jump down to the 1500 that they used before factory compound or at 2000 or 4000 pad.

    1. We always use a used 4000 pad to knock off the compound. That way, it doesn’t affect the surface underneath.

    1. We had a two-handed bowler that we were trying to bring on, but he disappeared. RJ is working on his right and left handed two-handed bowling so that he can give a better perspective.

  8. You guys were making the comparison to the pitbull how the pitbull has less continuation and tends to burn up more.
    I was wondering if you think that sanding the ball in the same fashion 500 1000 1500 and applying crown factory compound would make the pitbull burn up less and be closer rolling to the brutal collision?
    I have a pitbull bite I think I’m going to grab a bottle of compound and see what happens

  9. Not a bad looking ball..until you throw it. Then it looks like a kaleidoscope puking as it’s running away from you.

  10. It reminds me of the brutal nightmare and if you make it a hybrid and sharper off the spot you would have the brutal nightmare.

  11. I might be looking into this ball . I bowl on broken down lane oil so I could use this when I go practice on fresh oil and being speed dom I normally stand 13 to 16 on fresh oil while on my normal league night on broken down lane oil I normally stand 20 to 25 and can get it to the left gutter and have ALOT of power. My forest green quantum I love because I can stand deep throw out and have it come back while my hyroad x with 1500/3000/p5000d trucut by hand ( so it is shiny but there is no polish on it) and I have to stand 25-30 and throw to the one board and it would come back high flush crushing the pins hard sending messagers flying.

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