Duo Really Is THAT Ball | Comparison With The GOAT 900 Global Zen

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Since first throwing the Roto Grip Duo I always said that it felt like a stronger version of the tried and true 900 Global Zen! Today we are going to make that comparison happen!

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45 Comments on “Duo Really Is THAT Ball | Comparison With The GOAT 900 Global Zen”

  1. Microtrax pearl is definitely a little stronger than the S77.

    The cover comparisons in the past have been S70/R2S, S74/R2X. The S77 seems to be in the world of like R3X.

    1. This makes a lot of sense, b/c S74 pearl and R2X pearl are on some of my all time favorite balls

    2. @Stephen Lella I got one of the overseas HB Extreme 2022 because it’s S74 Pearl and mild asymms like the HBs and Rubicons have been my favorites.

  2. Was that zen fresh punched? I know you said it’s finish was different but if it has a mess of games on it not a real comparison

  3. It looks like the Duo is pretty speed sensitive. Chris being higher speed can get it to push, but Luis with the lower speed, gets it to move a ton. I found the same kinda sensitivity to speed with my Exotic Gem (same cover). Could that be a cover characteristic? Push at higher speeds, hook at slower ones.

    1. That’s normal with any ball. You throw one ball at 16mph and then again at 19mph, it’s not going to react the same. It’s simple physics

    2. @R B Overall, yes. But I find the difference with that cover to be exponentially bigger. I was more remarking on just how greatly a bit of speed forces that change vs other balls. And the difference in their(Luis/Chris) reactions (especially given the difference in rev rate) reminded me of what I see with my Exotic as it relates to speed, and thought with the same cover, there could be a relation.

    3. The Microtrax is a very strong cover, so it isn’t surprising at all. It may just be burning up too early, even with the higher speed.

    4. I would recommend playing with the surface. I did not score well with my Exotic Gem at factory finish. Once I changed the surface (4000 grit); that ball is money.

    1. One could match up with your game a bit better but for an arsenal you would only pick one

  4. I love seeing the different stages of ball motion with the Duo.

    I have the Zen and the Exotic. Do you think this would compliment them both or not even have a place in my bag?

  5. Hi Luis how are you my friend? I have a bit of a custom bowling ball face-off/recommendation for me as a beginner bowler. I want to start off with one of the Ten balls for most importantly versatility. I’d like you to compare the 10 balls, the infinite physicx, the proton physix, the supernova,hy road, hy road pearl, Night Road, IQ tour, phase 5, phase 2, and the pitch black. Compare all 10 balls on the lane at the same time and which one would you recommend for each situation and in what order to buy them in? Thank you have a fabulous day. Great work on this channel.

  6. It’s remarkable when Chris plays more “up the lane.” Then is his ball floats and smoothly drives through the pins.

  7. I like your vids but I disagree with your opinion of strength. I think your getting more midlane or early read out of the zen and less pop down lane. I have the zen a couple boards stronger than the DUO.

  8. Any chance of doing a comparison between the Duo and the Exotic Gem? I know they have the same cover, and I’m guessing the Exotic Gem is even stronger than the Duo.

  9. I personally didn’t like the duo at OOB finish. For me it was too angular with reacta gloss. I went 500, 2k, 4k and its much better for me. A little more teeth up front and smoother down lane. Similar to what Nap is saying, I feel like the Duo cover strength is stronger than the Zen. I have both at 4k finish (above). Mine are layed out the same too at 60* x 4 x 40*

  10. Haven’t bowled in 6-7yrs and am looking for a ball to get me started back where I left.. use to have a “storm virtual gravity nano pearl” which I liked a lot, it was a very forgiving ball no matter how far i threw it right it would always come back to the pocket.. the duo or zen looks promising for my play style.

  11. Im confused. You guys say these 2 balls are similar but then you say the eternity and zen are similar also. Eternity is assymetrical plus with the s84 response coverstock. I would think the eternity would have been more powerful than both of these. Who knows…

  12. Where are you located? Also, looking for a new ball torn between phase II and the 900 Zen Gold Label. I stand on the right side and throw my ball straight over the first two arrow and it hooks in the backend. Looking for great backend hook and pin action to strike more

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