16 Comments on “Drilled up a Roto Grip RST-X1 and man oh man am I impressed!!”

    1. Well, he was representing Motiv, and he was only reviewing Motiv, so..yea..it was a little bias. He wasn’t comparing them to any other ball.
      But one thing he never did, was tell you that a ball was great, when it wasn’t. And he has always mentioned that the balls that he loved, were great for him, and his style.
      I believe now we will get better comparison from Lou.

    2. My commentary was never biased. I threw nothing but Motiv before I signed and decided to sign because I loved the brand. That thinking didn’t change because All of a sudden when I was on staff with them. The Supra Enzo review I was already a free agent and notice how nothing changed in the review? I am who am I, doesn’t matter what staff I am on. I’m a free agent now and will be reviewing other things. You’ll see that nothing changes with who I am

    3. While I understand and agree that people have a right to their opinion, statements like this are just disappointing and ludicrous. How can his commentary be biased when he is LITERALLY there to talk about one manufacturer’s product? His commentary was and continues to be honest. Being on staff means you are a product evangelist and part of the marketing. Maybe this commenter doesn’t have a full understanding of the meaning of biased, but that is no excuse.
      Even though I jokingly give you grief online, it’s cool to see you be able to expand you POV outside the brand and express your opinion.

  1. Besides ball reviews, can you do some instructional vlogs as well? Also, maybe some recommended other equipment?

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